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‘not much, actually. More than usual.

Saturday I went to the mall and saw For Colored Girls. it was good, interesting, simplistic, dramatic, triggering and angsty. a lot like Spring Awakening in that way. love that show. i loved the poetry in the movie. i was trying to dissect it.

I missed the abortion scene. I’ve gathered that the girl had an abortion and then was brought to the hospital. what happened in between? to the girl, that is.

At the mall I had a sample of this cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks. i didn’t like it.

So then yesterday I stayed home got a bit of writing done, holiday poetry. it was a boring day.’

‘’I had a Starbucks day. which pretyt much meansgoing to Starbucks. yeah it’s pretty basic.

Around 1 I went out.

It was sunny but cold. I wasn’t wearing my hat because it’s. like. kindof literally bent out of shape. it’s a blue wool beret. it’s not as stretchy anymore.

So at Safeway I bought tea. and carrots. and uh. a Hershey’s bar. then went to the Starbucks that’s there. they’d changed the menu. I got a peppermint brownie and chai latte. yum. they have polar bear cookie swhich led me to think of my mom’s not liking chocolate Santas, as they represent cannabalism.

it was nice being out.

then i came home and watched tv

and that was pretty much it’


so here’s what I did Tuesday.



Oh, I went to the store. and Chipotle. It was a nice day. the clerk was good-looking. Again, I was taken aback bythis. I ordered my usual. When I was at the soda fountain a cute guy came over to refill his cup. I didn’t say anything, of course as I’m shy. but, it was nice that I saw someone attractive. as it usually is.

so then I came home and watched tv. Glee was so so good. I love Carol Burnett. she’s sunny. there’s something very Judy Garland about her. I cried. I love weddings. it was the best wedding I’ve ‘been to’ in a long time The part where Finn and Kurt danced really broke the barrier. The barrier between...........the.....homosexual world and the straight world, i guess.

then I watched Raising Hope. i really

then I watched Raising Hope. i really like that show. it’s funny but not in such an obvious way. I’ve noticed that, the newer sitcoms don’t have laugh tracks. which yes, are annoying but that way you don’t feel weird when you’re the only one laughing.’


So.........on Thanksgiving I really didn’t do much. I watched the parade, liked it. and the dog show. I learned so much from the dog show. I like John O’Hurley. he has a great voice.

That night, I ate mashed potatos. watched the People Of The Year. and the Taylor Swift concert. i really like her. she seems.....real. like someone you’d want to look up in the phone book, or ask to go for coffee. she’s sweet.

Melissa Etheridge is the same way. oh god she is just so. wicked cool. she’s......she’s amazing.

oh and in between I watched part of Miracle On 34th St. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before. I went to the store, breaking my rule not to go out on the holidays. ‘

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