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‘ mom and I went over to my grandparents, as usual. My grandmother was a little more talkative.

then we went over to my parents’ neighbors who live across the way. I met, though not formally, Alexandra who’s from Germany. she talks, a lot. it’s. a bit much. She’s nice. She kept referring to her husband as ‘him’. As in, ‘at his work they.....’.

Her house is big. open. cold. I’m a closed door person; at my parents’ in high school my door was always closed. i don’t trust people. [asevidenced by some of my most recent entries]. and I’m a private person.

I don’t know if i’ve ever explaind why I don’t let people [being my dad] in my room.

I was uncomfortable for thefirst few minutes. You know how it is.

I don’t remember why my mom wanted to go over there.

it was nice that Alexandra talked thatmuch because then I didn’t have to. we talked about art. she told me about this event called The March Of Artists? no that isn’t know it involves some famous paintings being hung, i assumed, in outdoors somewhere. and the public views these paintings which change every few minutes. I know this is vague and it’s not on purpose. I really don’t remember.

then we went over to theparents. I don’t remember the reason behind this, either. Mom told Dad Alexandra needs help with talking to. the car people. Like.......from what I recall the neighbor’s caralarm keeps going off at early morning hours and the neighbors aren’t very apparently, is going to try and talk to them about this. he’s a ref so he’s used to doing this.

I liked Alexandra’s house. there were some art pieces. On a shelf in her kitchen she hadan elephant her mom had gotten from India. And salt and pepper shakers with feet.

then we went to Whole Foods, where I had samples. chips and guaomole. and cheese. I got food.

it was really cold last Thursday’

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