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‘’all things considered [recovery/relapse/cutting/addictions], i’m having a good day. and I don’t even know why. it’s not like I’m trying to. it just is.

All things considered. I really like that sentence.

And.........I did something I’m kindof proud of myself for.

well ‘kindof’ is better than. not. unless a friend asks you to do something which you’re not all that excited about. I.e., “do you want to go see that new movie?” “kindof”. no not really.

Got Vanity Fair, the one with Marilyn on the cover. love her. she was brilliant.

hm...........and oh eggnog. yum.

The store was. eh. you know how stores are not usually all that exciting. they didn’t have cheese samples. oh but my groceries didn’t cost near as much as I thought they would. got a crapload of change back.

So then I went to Chipotle. love that place. The guy was cute which I ws taken aback by. thought, ‘wait maybe I should talk to him because he’s nice’. I ordered the usual. I was the first person to givethem a tip. yay.

I left the wrapper on the straw after sticking it into the top of the.......lid. so I wouldn’t have to carry it.

And.......held the door open for the employee that was coming in. we said ‘hi’. she was pretty.

they’re so nice [to me] there. well we’d hope.

There was a bluesy song on the radio, mentioning a cow and the words ‘i’ll be’ and ‘home’. not in the same sentence. it sounded like it could’ve been by the Dixie Cups or the Marvelettes or the. uh..........Shirelles. it had that sound to it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

[no probably not, too vague]

I was kindof rockin out to it. of course.

‘mama said there’d be days like this there’d be days like this mama said’ ‘

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