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‘So Saturday Iwent to Target where I bought 2 CDs [Glee, Lady Gaga] and 2 magnet sheets w/ the Disney Princess magnets on them. yes I’m a dork. One’s for my sister. We love Disney. they were in the dollar bins.

then I went to the mall where I went to the bookstore, calander store, Starbucks and movies. I bought a brownie and cookie at Starbucks, nothing at the stores. The cookie was chocolate chunk. they were both good. I saw ‘Easy A’.

While I was waiting - the movie started at 2:45 and I got to the mall at 12;20 - I had 4 tea samples from Teavanna. 2 were fruit. one was jasmine raspberry, which I didn’t like. The lady was wearing an AC/DC shirt. she said they’re a great band. I haven’t heard enough of their music to know.

They alway have free samples at that store.

Also, while I was waiting I talked to my sister [via phone]. We shared news, talked about Dad, Halloween. She’s going to be an angel awww. I won’t do much, stay home and hand out candy. I’ll probably wear my witch’s hat. and watch either Hocus Pocus or Little Shop. those’r my contributions to the holiday.

Sunday I didn’t do much. ‘

‘ ‘27th

Monday I mailed a Halloween card to my sister and bought a chai latte and blueberry scone from Starbucks. I don’t think I’ll buy that scone again. But I was really thirsty, so.

After which I stopped by the Halloween costume store. didn’t go in.

Yesterday I went to King Soopers where I bought most of my Halloween candy. And fall cupcakes since they didn’t have Halloween ones. They did, however, have Halloween sugar cookies.

I then went to Chipotle where I bought the usual, guacamole and chips. I put the change they gave me in their tip bin. They have really good chips.

A lady came and asked for a fork. I had to wait a bit which was ok.

I love being there. It’s so comortable.

Came home.’

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