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not just physically.

Idinno......maybe emotionally. yes. It was very surreal. ‘like a dream…no end and no beginning’ - Madonna, ‘Like A Prayer’.

The moon was out. she was beautiful, sad. and even though she was sad, as was I, I liked that she was out. She was full.

A friend of mine went into labor last night. I found out via her Facebook status.

I was wearing flats, which were fitting. one would hope. The flats my sister wore at my high school graduation and later gave to me.

They’re not just fitting physically, but also emotionally. they’re light and delicate and very dancer like. just like me.

I tried to find the stars; I saw a few. ‘why do they look so small?’. maybe because they’re seen from a distance. As with drawing; if you want to draw something from a distance, it’s small. How that works I’m not entirely sure.

the more you look for the stars the more that appear.

I bought food, which seems ridiclous, as I won’t eat it.

Everything took longer yesterday. I fixed my toilet. Well. But it’s like, ok I moved stuff off the floor in case it overflowed. And then I had to stop. I fixed it best I could.

There were breaks in between steps, is what I’m saying. There usually aren’t.

I slept from 11:30 a.m. to 8:15 p.m., apparently. watched America’s Got Talent. So far, I like the French dancer, Gabby Sidabay’s mom, the indoor kite flyer, the group that sang ‘Hallelujah’ and the wall climbing dancers.

So I organised a bit, my kitchen drawers. I moved my giant wall calander, put a plastic blue summer tablecloth on my table. now the living room’s a bit brighter. The tablecloth doesn’t match my furniture, which is green and sort of brown/dark pink. The tablecloth’s bright blue. It has watermelons on it.

In Florida, I changed my tablecloths according to the season/holiday.

I put 2 posters up in my room, a Stairway To Heaven one [which, every cool person should have. it just works. that song makes me cry. i love it] and a Christian Reese Lassen one, to the right of my bed. Of my Audrey Hepburn poster I bought myself for my 22nd birthday. She’s so beautiful. I still haven’t seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I like the water colors in the one poster and the black and white photograph of Hepburn in the other.

so that’s what I did last night.

I’m thinking of buying either a small yellow pillow or rug. I love yellow and I don’t have much of it. It makes me happy. It’s a safe color. I feel like, if you have things in your place that you love, that make you happy then you’ll be

I’m hoping to see the new ‘Sex & The City’ movie this weekend; it looks fun. And I could use fun. I really liked the first one. I also really liked the last movie I saw, Marmaduke. it was cute, funny, sweet.

I never see a movie right when it comes out. ‘

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