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  • Nov. 9, 2016, 7:23 p.m.
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I was just called a “baby killer” for supporting Clinton for President.

My heart aches for a grandchild. I’ve spent my entire life lifting kids up. I am currently focused on millennials.

Try to imagine how deeply that cut me.

Then she said my church must be teaching me false doctrine.

I’ve unfriended her, this ex-friend of mine from the 1970s.

I came to facebook today and made the following post:

“I congratulate the winners and sincerely hope Trump will be the savior you think he is. To those of us who backed Clinton, this is a land of checks and balances. The president cannot just change laws to suit his liking and he cannot throw people in jail just because they oppose him.
Some things will change. Some will NOT change. Kinda like life.
And there’s always another election in four years.
Now don’t say anything nasty. Be a gracious winner and a gracious loser.”

What a horrible, ugly accusation she flung out. If I support a woman’s right to choose and you think differently, that is your right, but God did NOT give you a special dispensation to go around telling others they are murderers.

MY God sees all sin as equal.

A murder happened, all right. But it wasn’t an unborn baby.

And it made me cry because I am keenly aware that there will never be grandchildren in my life, but she is so addicted to name-calling she lashed out and sliced my heart in two. Thanks, Trump.

Last updated November 09, 2016

Timmy™ November 09, 2016

Meanwhile, they won't lift a finger to stop school shootings. Guess some "babies" matter more than others.

ConnieK Timmy™ ⋅ November 09, 2016

I think in this country, some lives matter more than others.

Timmy™ ConnieK ⋅ November 09, 2016

<h1>somelivesmatter <3</h1>
Timmy™ ConnieK ⋅ November 09, 2016

What? <3 I WANT A HEART.

Timmy™ ConnieK ⋅ November 09, 2016

There. Better.

ConnieK Timmy™ ⋅ November 10, 2016

LOL! I'm no good at html, Timmy. Sorry.

GypsyWynd November 09, 2016

If she can be that mean and hateful, then she's not much of a friend.
I can't think of many people who are more generous and caring of spirit than you are, so for a "friend" to say something like that to you, really ticks me off!!!!
I have always been pro-choice. I believe it is a personal and medical issue, and should be a private matter, and none of the government's (or anyone else's) business. If you believe abortion is wrong.......don't have one, but don't presume to decide what is right for anyone else. Just my 2¢.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ November 10, 2016

I was so hurt. We go back to the 70s.

Ferret Mom November 09, 2016

One of the things that scares me most is the hate that Trump has already unleashed this year. His supporters are just so hateful towards anyone and everyone with a different point of view and are incredibly vocal about it. People are being ugly now and it's going to stay that way, probably get worse.

ConnieK Ferret Mom ⋅ November 10, 2016

I think it was a steady diet of sarcastic and condescending comments from Fox "News" that made them so bold.

Flyte November 10, 2016

So sorry that not only your values but your church values were put down. Why do people have to be so hateful? Their view of the world is so small. And their view of God is equally small. I also agree that not that much will change. The president doesn't have absolute power. We need to know the names of our leaders in the House, etc, and make sure they know how we feel. We need to make the change that so many are wanting. We do not need to divide, be rude, say hurtful, hateful things. I am so sorry that hurt you so much. It was uncalled for.

ConnieK Flyte ⋅ November 10, 2016

Thank you. It's been a barrage of hate talk and I think Fox "News" ramped it up. Today was good and I've moved on. My unfriended "friend" sent word that she is praying for me. I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a weapon! LOL!

Shattered November 11, 2016

Oh Connie! I'm so sorry honey. :(

ConnieK Shattered ⋅ November 11, 2016

Thanks. It's okay. I've moved on. It was just a surprise hit.

Shattered ConnieK ⋅ November 11, 2016

It still stings like a hornet though. :(

ConnieK Shattered ⋅ November 11, 2016

No. Not anymore. She was a dear friend years ago, but she and I have different faith viewpoints and she crossed a few unacceptable lines.

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