November 1st and 2nd In which things are slightly less dull. in 2016

  • Nov. 1, 2016, 8:51 p.m.
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Yesterday, I had a very long and dull day at the BOE with nothing really worth talking about. At lunch, I popped into the barber’s. I was a bit embarrassed because I was there on their lunch, and they were in their house (which attaches to their shop through a door). I popped my head in and told them (truthfully) that I’d lost their phone number and that I was hoping that they were free at 4:40, they assured me that they were. So, I went off in pursuit of a relatively healthy lunch. It was not forthcoming. In the end, I settled for Waiwai and got their lunch deal, which isn’t nearly as large as their dinner. I also resisted the urge to get their delicious, and highly caloric, garlic bread. So, that was a small victory in the midst of defeat.
After work, I went to the barber and then I ran home to clean out the car, then, I headed out to the car service station to get it cleaned. Inside and out. It needed it, though not as desperately as it had sometimes. I am doing better, generally, at keeping the car clean as opposed to last year. During that, I got an oil change. They also wanted to sell me new tires, but the price they quoted me was half the value of the car. I also had no time. Naturally, I declined.
I arrived at Kitchen Inoue about one or two minutes later than the previously agreed upon 6:15 for the lesson. The “students” were there. It’s still weird to be teaching somebody who is older than I am. The couple are both thirty one. She’s a singer and he’s a cop. Apparently she lived in Miyanojo when she was young. I’m not sure whey they’re here now. Presumably because it’s a good place to start a family. She was elegantly dressed, and he looked so dapper in his polka dotted shirt and cardigan. They speak almost no English, but they really want to learn. She mostly knows it from singing, and he actually did a homestay in England as a kid. However, they both have promise as pronunciation students. Neither of them make the more difficult to correct mistakes that plague Japanese English. Their mistakes tend to be easy ones to fix. They’re also very nice. So, I told them to find some Beatles song that they both like and practice singing it together, and we’d use that to go over meanings. And that we’d work on applying what they memorized from the songs into their daily lives. I also suggested trying to use English phrases from time to time to try and make things easier on them. I explained that simply speaking the language makes it easier to remember, even if you memorize other things that you’re not using. Though, obviously, using what you want to remember is best.
After that, it was laundry time, and then bed at a relatively reasonable hour.
I woke up today and it was chilly, which is rather nice. Autumn came all at once. Friday last week was warm, today is pleasantly cold. I’m really enjoying it.
I appear to have gotten into a rather one sided flame war with somebody online. In that I’m trying to view it as a debate in good faith and it’s being received as though it were a deliberate flaming. That’s been entertaining.
Tonight, the plan is to head out to Sendai and meet those guys for the party. I hope it goes well. To be honest, I feel very unwell, but I’m hesitant to say no for no real reason. I mean, yes, I’ve got a reason, but it’s not something that’s provable. I wish I could just magically send to people the feeling I have when I feel unwell. I think that maybe that’d convince them. Thursday I’m tentatively planning on going to Kagoshima for some festival.
I had two classes today with Tateishi already. I’ve got two more this afternoon. I hope that I go home, check myself, and have a fever. It’d make everything better.

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