October 31st through November 1st in 2016

  • Oct. 31, 2016, 6:52 p.m.
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I had two pleasant classes with Tateishi Sensei yesterday. I love teaching the first years. Unfortunately, due to Eikaiwa, I wasn’t able to teach the 6th period class. Eikaiwa was more than slightly dull. Only three students showed up. Thankfully Sam also came. Kazumi brought Halloween snacks. Not exactly diet friendly, but, who am I to refuse Also I barely touched my (terrible) school lunch, so, who could blame me?
I didn’t go to the doctor yesterday. It’s not doing a lot and I as super sleepy. It was the kind of weather yesterday where everybody wanted to sleep. Seriously. In 1-1 and 1-2, when we asked the customary, “How are you,” to the kids, the single loudest response was, “Sleepy.” Normally we get a few of those, but this was near unanimity. Anyway, I eventually made my way to Kitchen Inoue. I had a salad for dinner. With a bit of soup and a piece of what they assured me was diet bread. The salad was . . . well made, I suppose. But I dislike tomato chunks and I dislike having fish in a salad. I ate it, however, and tried to enjoy it. The soup was delicious, as was the bread, so that was good enough.
I went home and got some cleaning done, which, obviously, meant that despite my exhaustion, I didn’t sleep much. I also ended up talking to Kat and two Japanese girls. One is a former student, currently first year high school student. Shige-papa asked me to help her with her English because she’s going to go to New Zealand to study soon. The other is an itsutsudaiko (a kind of drum native to Satsuma) player named Eri whose brother I knew because her brother is a band mate with a sort-of friend of mine. She asked for a picture together at the park event that I went to a few weeks ago and her brother passed along my LINE information. She’s 24, female, and talks to me. As far as I know, she doesn’t have any kids. That’s not a bad deal as things stand. She also doesn’t speak a word of English.
Along those lines (language wise) tonight at Kitchen Inoue, I’ll be teaching some private English for my voice teacher’s friend and said friend’s husband. We’ll see how that goes. I’m insisting that they can’t pay me, but, if they push the idea, I’ll ask if maybe they want to treat me to dinner or help me out a bit with voice lessons by giving a “gift” to Parnell Sensei from time to time. I do love loopholes.
Today is BOE. I don’t know what I’ll do for lunch. No Primo Passo, obviously. My stomach is still in a weird state, so I probably won’t do Plasse Sushi like I’d planned on.
I’m wearing computer glare glasses today, it’s the first day of the fall necktie mandated dress code, and I did nothing with my hair. A bunch of my coworkers just randomly told me that I looked really cool. I don’t know what to make of this. Then again, they were guys . . .
Today is BOE. I assume I’ll have nothing to do as I never have anything to do at the BOE. I don’t know why I’m here today, as it seems that I could have just as easily sat at Miyachu. I generally prefer that if for no other reason than because the chairs are better.
Tall skinny English-speaking coworker just asked me if I could do a library reading on Christmas eve. I told her yes! I’m so excited to get to spend part of my vacation (especially Christmas) with adorable kids instead of being alone in my room.
Well, that’s about it. Nothing much to report. The weather is beautiful today. The hawks are everywhere. I guess that it’s time to wrap this up.
See you.

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