October 24-25th Future Biographers: You can skip this one in 2016

  • Oct. 24, 2016, 11:06 p.m.
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I was with Tateishis Sensei on Monday. I was supposed to have three classes, but, due to Eikaiwa, I could only do two. However, even these were shortened. They had more testing to do, so, I went to class for the second half, not the first. That was first and third. However, second period, I got to teach the special class which is always really fun. I love those kids so much.
I ran the lesson plan by Ebihara, and she agreed to it, though I’m not sure that she quite understood it, and I’m fairly certain that she didn’t like it. Or me, for that matter. Regardless, I submitted it and that was that. I didn’t eat lunch, again. I explained, as best I could, that my gut bacteria doesn’t exist anymore and that food is difficult, and that seemed to make the lunch lady (she’s so much more than that, but, I don’t know what to call her) a bit more understanding.
Eikaiwa was relatively fun, which was obviously good. After that, I went to the sports medicine place because my back is really hurting me these days. That was an hour and a half of near relaxation, partial boredom. I can’t seem to get into anything that I’m trying to read these days. Civ is taking up too much time and I’m getting more computer hooked than normal. I need to remedy this.
Dinner at Kitchen Inoue was delicious. I adore chicken nanban. It’s a kind of southern Kyushu fried chicken. Nanban means “southern barbarian” referring to Europeans. Doesn’t matter what race you are, fried chicken is a slur somewhere. Anyway, it’s delicious and I adore it, but I shouldn’t be eating it. I’ll talk to them soon about changing what they give me.
Dinner was really quick, so, after that I ran to the bank and then to the grocery store. Somehow or other, my appetite came back yesterday. Possibly due to tiredness, boredom, and a bit of senseless stress. So, I bought (and ate) food. Then, I went back home. There was a mid sized huntsman (still bigger than any spider in Michigan) that wouldn’t leave my window alone. I was at a loss as to what to do. If I opened the sliding window to spray it, it may get in my house. Eventually I tried that, but it fled. I don’t know if I got it. I hate that damned thing, and it kept coming back.
I didn’t/couldn’t sleep well. I watched too much Archer, then I kept waking up and thinking that I saw spiders everywhere. So, because I’m six, I left my light on overnight so that when I woke up, I’d be able to spot the damned thing. Of course it wasn’t there, that I know of, but seeing that one and having had to kill one in my room a few days ago has me on edge. Just as I was getting over the terror of more of them in my room. Honestly, I hate being afraid of spiders. It’s one of the biggest things I want to change about myself. I wake up, constantly, with nightmares about spiders, and this was in the US too. I don’t know why I can’t beat this stupid fear.
Sleeping with the light on, even with my eyes covered, means that I don’t sleep well, so, I’m rather exhausted today. Also, thus far I’ve had literally nothing to do all day which means that I’ve been staring at a screen, tiring my eyes, and making myself even sleepier.
So, after school, I’ll go and get some more electroshock for my back and legs. Then dinner. I, sadly, need to clean tonight, though I may skip some of what I need to do. It’s recyclable day, and I’ve got a kitchen full of cardboard and a bathtub full of bottles. Though, honestly, I’ll probably skip it. Back hurts, dammit, and I should go home, sit in my chair, and try to forget all of the stuff that I need to do.
Feeling lonely and nostalgic again, but I think I’m just depressed from weeks of bad health. Also feeling lonely for some human affection.
Life’s not great.

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