October 21st through 24th Apologies for Dullness in 2016

  • Oct. 23, 2016, 7:04 p.m.
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I ended up going home on Friday. My voice was so bad that I was sent home. That and it was midterms. I think. At the very least, it was some big test.
I went to the doctor, so that I could say that I did. I had Kyoko check my neck, which hurt, asked about the shaking, and got more cough medicine. My neck is probably sore from coughing, my shaking is a side effect of the bronchial dilator medicine, and the cough medicine was no problem. She forgot a note, though, but I don’t think that I really needed one as I was sent home by coworkers, informed Kumei, and he knew that I was still sick. Upon attempting to go to nap, sleep eluded me, so I watched Archer and played Civ. I ate at Wai Wai because Kitchen Inoue was closed on Friday for some reason. Sleep actually eluded me more on that night. I ended up going under quite late. Part of this is because, for whatever reason, I can’t ever sleep early on Fridays. Part of this was because the game was canceled and I thought I’d be able to sleep in. We lost our regulars except for Matthew and Dave. Well, Matthew had a schedule conflict noted in advance, so Tris made a buddy cop adventure for my new character, Endymion, and Dave’s guy. However, Dave contacted Tris and me to let us know that he was carpooling to the Dragon Boat race and that he had to leave early. Dammit.
If the above paragraph fails to make sense, it’s because I edited it over and over piecemeal. I don’t feel like fixing it again.
I woke up with my alarm, at 8, because I was too lazy to turn it off. I thought that I’d be able to get back to sleep. This didn’t happen. I ended up watching Archer pretty much all day. I ate mikan for brunch and I ate Wai Wai for dinner. I fell asleep quite late.
On Sunday the 23rd, I woke up early, then watched Archer. I then took a nap, woke up (at 3 PM), played some Civ, then went to Sendai to buy probiotic yogurt and eat dinner. I went to Rara, even though pizza sounded better, and told the owner about a school that I’d found with English language instruction for his daughter. The trouble is, it’s super far away, so I need to keep looking. He made me a special tea when he heard about my sickness, and it was amazing. He also asked me if I could help him find out some visa information about going to the US for business. So, I messaged Matthew to see if he or uncle Matt knew anybody who knew anything.
Today, the 23rd, I woke up early and wrote a tentative lesson plan for a JET conference thing that I’m supposed to do with Ebihara Sensei. Then it was off to Miyachu. I’ve got three classes today and a very sore back. When I’m done, I’ll go to the hospital, then dinner, and then hopefully sleep.
I had at least two moderately interesting dreams last night, which I forgot. I believe that I pulled a pectoral muscle sleeping. Again. I have nothing of interest to say. I look forward to being well again.

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