October 18th through 21st In Which He Whines About Illness in 2016

  • Oct. 20, 2016, 6:55 p.m.
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The remainder of the 18th went about as well as could be expected. Nothing of value to report that I can remember.
The nineteenth saw me at Riusui. I love the kids there. I had a great time with the 1-2 class, the 3-4 class, and even the 5-6 class wasn’t bad. I sucked it up and did my best and though I would die, but I got through. Somehow or other. I love those kids so much. I felt guilty about leaving after recess and not helping in the cleanup, but I wanted to go to the doctor right away, which I did.
At the doctor, I had more blood work and more x rays and got a lot more medicine based on the results. As it turns out, I had/have bronchial pneumonia. The sickness is getting better, but I’m still sick. I think that the biggest problem is either some gland in my throat, or my throat muscles. Probably from coughing. The right side of my neck, towards the front, is killing me. Anyway, I went home after that. I’ve been playing a lot of Civ again, which is bad, but I finished all of the tolerable American Dad episodes, I think. It seems fitting to me that the series started to not be awful when the Democrats took Congress and were poised to take the White House. The whole thing was a criticism of the Bush years, and once those were gone, the series could focus on things other than how horrible Republicans are. Sure, there’s plenty of that, but now the characters are bad because they’re bad people. Not because of simple wrongthink.
I slept horribly that night. I’d tried to sleep early, but I failed. I couldn’t relax or get comfortable. This, of course, made Thursday more difficult.
Thursday was Eshin, and that was awful. I had five hours of 3rd and 4th graders. Ordinarily, I’d love that but I was in agony. It was so miserable getting through the day. Thankfully, 6th period, which I’d been told I had to teach, was actually a club activity of some sorts and I got to go home early. Unfortunately, this was the period when I’d get to work with my favorite elementary teacher whose name, of course, escapes me. Dammit. Anyway, I went home and I thought that I was going to die. I felt like somebody had hooked me up to The Machine from The Princess Bride.
I slept reasonably well last night. Exhaustion will do that. I was going to say exhaustion and codeine, but the codeine sure didn’t help much the night before.
I had a dream. I was at some party or some event, and I believe that Katie C from the old Starlight was there. Lauren A was there, and Andrea was there. We discussed things that seemed to be incredibly important. Probably the letter that I owe Lauren. I also justified some bad action by pointing out that I’d been awful to Andrea when I met her, even though that isn’t true at all. Somewhere in the old diary (in real life), or in a Courtney Skype conversation, I reveal that Andrea knew that I liked her due to my obvious and constant mooning over her. Anyway, it stuck with me. I wish I could remember the details. I wanted to type them up at the time, but, I knew that if I did that I’d never get to sleep.
Today I’m at Miyachu. I’m scheduled with Inori, which means that, likely enough, I’ll only do anything if Tateishi needs me. I have no voice. I can only talk in a whisper. I wish I could just go home. I may ask to head out after 6th period if nobody asks me to do anything and try to nap before dinner. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad idea. I wish I had more of that codeine medicine. Maybe I’ll go to the doctor and get my neck checked out and mention (I forgot on Wednesday) that I keep shaking a lot.
This weekend I was supposed to take part in the Dragon Boat races. This will not happen, something that saddens me. I have a D&D session scheduled for Saturday morning, after which, I plan on going on full vocal rest for the day.
I forgot my mouse today at school, which is unfortunate as my Lenovo’s track pad is awful. It also means I can’t play Civ, which is probably a good thing. I added Advil to my list of medicine to see if my throat would hurt less. So far no improvement.
Today doesn’t look good.

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