October 7th-17th: Sick. Again. in 2016

  • Oct. 16, 2016, 9:47 p.m.
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The seventh and eighth of October passed without anything that stands out at this point. Likely they were dull. I seem to remember not feeling very well and being maybe busy for some reason? Saturday was supposed to have the game, but only Matthew and I showed up, so, we canceled. We also talked about rebooting the game. It was decided not to, for now, and we’ll see what happens from here.
Oh, I forgot (and remembered writing further down the page). I met one of Parnell Sensei’s friends who wants to study English. She’s a vocal performer and her husband is a cop in town. They just moved to Satsuma. Well, that was fun. We met at one of Obara’s Himawarikan concerts on the 8th.
I wasn’t feeling great on Sunday the 9th. However, when a girl I met online and have talked to for months invited me out to Kagoshima, I didn’t have a reason to say no. I booked the ticket (well, I’d booked it when we talked on the night of the 8th) and then I drove down to Kagoshima. It was a bitch to find the place, and then a superbitch to find the parking area, but, somehow or other, I managed it. Then, it was off to Kagoshima Dolphin Port.
I’d never been there before. I guess it’s just what you call a dockside shopping area. Though there are dolphin seeing rides, I hear. I met Megumi. We got some lunch together and then went to the Aquarium which was, frankly, really disappointing. It was very full and also very small. I was hoping for something amazing. I was also hoping for Murakami references to the first date in The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, but that’s not the kind of girl that I’m likely to find. Sweet though Megumi is/was. After that, we went to a cafe and killed time until a Mexican restaurant opened. She dated a Mexican guy for a while and he’d cook for her. She developed a taste for the food. The place that I wanted to go was closed (as always) and instead we went to the place that I’d been to before with Ekin. The food was as mediocre and late as last time. She got an impromptu pronunciation lesson and showed promise. A guy next to us had his mind blown by my technique, he was another dude who’d studied linguistics (though he’s now a petroleum engineer). However, as the night progressed, I felt worse and worse and decided to make it an early night. Early being ten or so. I walked her part way to her next event, drinking with friends ‘cause she and I finished early, and then I went back to the hotel. My head was in agony and my cough, which had started before, was awful. I went to bed and slept better than I had in months.
I woke still feeling terrible. I slept longer and better than I’d planned for. I left the hotel, consulted a bit with Kyoko over text, and then went back to Satsuma to get medicine. It was Monday, and everything (including the hospital) was closed for the holiday, but there was a nurse there and she told the nurse what prescriptions to give me. So, I took them. At some point in time that day, I think it was that day, I was feeling so sick that I had Sam pick up a thermometer for me. I had had a slight fever that morning, but it was after I’d taken Excedrin, which lowers fevers. Hours late, I felt so sick that I had Sam go on a run for me, and one of the things I asked for was a thermometer as I didn’t have the strength to find mine. 104. So, I called in sick for the next day and decided to go to the doctor on Tuesday.
On Tuesday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis. I got new and stronger medicine and was told to not go back to school that week. Well, my fever stayed over 100 until Wednesday when it finally broke. This weekend I was so weak that I barely did anything. There was a moon viewing concert on Saturday night that I wanted to go to but didn’t, due to sickness and bad weather. Yesterday, Sunday the 16th, I went to a small picnic market in town, which was nice. That was with the eikaiwa. Now, today, Monday the 17th, I’m at Miyachu. I have two classes and Eikaiwa. I may go to physical therapy, but, I also may just go home and go to bed. I’m on super cough medicine these days and it’s got a LOT of codeine in it. I adore being able to sleep, let me tell you. I woke up this morning and felt less tired than I have in ages. Then I took my codeine. Still, not a bad deal.
So, yeah. That’s about it. Dull.

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