28th through 30th Sick and Tired in 2016

  • Sept. 29, 2016, 7:19 p.m.
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The 28th passed without anything of interest.
Yamasaki was relatively fun. We had rain for recess, which made things more dull than normal. Which doesn’t mean much because usually Yamasaki recess is super fun. Still, it disappointed. I was kidnapped repeatedly by various grades of children. That was enjoyable at least. To be honest, with my back still hurting, I can’t complain too hard about my inability to do as much as normal. It was probably helpful.
The fifth graders were pretty lousy, as per usual. The sixth graders were fun, but, for some reason the teacher had over half of the class out of the room to lecture them for more than half of class. I have no idea why.
I sat through a dull Eikaiwa. I mostly ate bread and watched American Dad. I got my sound card, but it appears to only be compatible with Windows XP and Vista. There may be a way to make it work with 7, but I think I’ll need Sam’s help.
The 29th was utterly miserable. I was at Miyachuu, and I did two classes with Tateishi. I was on the internet most of the day, but I was in agony. Stomach and head are still killing me. I really want to go to the doctor and get better medicine. The stuff that I’m on doesn’t work. Apparently Japanese doctors, according to Kyoko, don’t like the stuff that works for me. So . . . there’s that.
I’m thinking that I’ll try to power through all of the stuff that I need to do in the first half of the day, then go to the doctor’s for lunch. Then I’ll finish the day. Probably.
Feeling down and lonely. I’m supposed to have dinner with the Hamasakis tonight. Don’t know if I can.
I hate everything.

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