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  • Jan. 8, 2016, 10 p.m.
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I got up at 11 again today. It’s Codi’s birthday. I went to ark immediately because I was alone. I thought I was home alone until Codi came in at almost 1. I had the game paused and I was playing on my phone. I was waiting for Boyfriend because there was a Carno basically right in front of me and I didn’t want it to kill me…again. He took the controller and He helped me tame a Carno and a few other Dinos.

Boyfriend came in and started making cheesyburger macaroni with bacon in it. I got to put the cheese in. It’s a sort of silly thing to be excited about but it’s our thing.

We let Codi into our game and the two of us spent forever taming tons of Dinos and building up our place. We went and tamed two Rexes too!!!! Ethel gathered berries and stuff while I built a feeding trough and a garden plot and stuff. Hunter and boyfriend played a bit too. We did tons of stuff and I don’t think we stopped at all until after midnight. Boyfriend went to bed around 11. Ethel left and Codi took over mine while Hunter played on his.

Jonny told me Texas was sick–not eating for two days, being lethargic.
I took a shower and went to bed.

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