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  • Jan. 6, 2016, 11 p.m.
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Got home around noon. Momo hung out a while then left. Boyfriend came around 3. I bathed the dogs while he worked on the wheelchair for little bear.

I hatched a shiny Fennekin by accident and just said oops. Boyfriend ought it was funny that I wasn’t more excited. Shiny wasn’t the goal but I’m more than happy with it!

We were an hour or so late to his friend Chochy’s Bon fire. It was a fun night. Pizza and s’mores. Boyfriend laughed at me when I got covered in marshmallow and then opened all the doors for me and turned on the water so I could wash it off. It was such a sweet small gesture but it gave me the warm and fuzzies. They played with the fire for a couple hours and finally got it going good. Boyfriend and I went back to his house. I played ark for a bit and then came to bed with him.

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