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  • Dec. 28, 2015, 6:58 p.m.
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These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE:

1) My weekend was boring.

2) I watched a bad snuff film that took place in Arizona last night.

3) I had primanti brothers. yummy.

4) I am kind of blah.

so here we go....

Yeah. This weekend was totally boring. I took Saturday off of FFXIV. I read and watched gaming rules for the games I got for christmas. Yay stuff! However as i watched and read gaming rules I always have to think how in the fork do i keep all these rules in my head? Hahaha. Oh well. I also did some sweeping of my house and helped my mom cut up ham for some ham salad (which is yummy) But boots decided he wanted some ham. he sneakily took a piece of ham off the table and started to eat it! Silly cat. I don’t want him to eat people food because I don’t want to be bothered a ton by cats when eating. But oh well. Silly cat.I gave him extreme cuddles.

So sunday. I um watched a snuff film based in arizona I don’t like snuff films. Then I played some FFXIV. And thats about it.

Today I got some primanti brothers, My mom got a new computer.And um. I’m gonna take a bath, and cuddle cats and play ffxiv, and maybe watch some neutral sports. And thats about it. I have a full belly. And i’m gonna take a bath.

alt text

Fort Gabby Cat

alt text

Here is a huge derp sporting a Ha ha Clinton-Dix jersey.

Have a great next couple days.
Be back on wednesday

Thus ends our broadcast day

Good night, good luck


Last updated December 28, 2015

Stephably December 28, 2015

That game...uh yeah.

LordJunon Stephably ⋅ December 28, 2015

I turned it off after the second half kickoff

^..^Kat December 29, 2015

Gabby cat is quite happy.

Catleesi December 30, 2015

Look at the marking on her nose! <3!

LordJunon Catleesi ⋅ December 30, 2015

Gabby cat is a boy cat :) But i know what you are saying <3

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