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  • Dec. 23, 2015, 12:11 p.m.
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These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE.

1) Holy carp i’m beat.

2) I had a decent couple days.

3) I found some awesome looking hot cocoa.

4) 2 more days til Kittenmas, Santa visited and dropped off stuff!

so here we go......

Yeah i’m beat. Ive been up since 8. And as a person who doesn’t sleep well and is a night owl, thats a bad combo. I had to run to the store for my mom and get groceries. Then I fed belle and bootsarella.. then I was SO FREAKING HUNGRY (my fault because the last time i ate was oh 5pm the day before.. BUT I WASN”T HUNGRY UNTIL I WENT TO BED (and i wasn’t going to force feed myself), BLAST MY SILLY TUMMY) But I had Pecan Apple strudel waffles.. and they were really good. I also went to petco, got a scratching post for the kitties and some litter and stuff for the silly beasties. I went to walmart (Huge mistake at 1130 in the afternoon i had to though) to get a veggie tray, boots repellent (Aka canned air) and Well. I got some really cool looking hot cocoa, microwavable stuffed nachos.

alt text

Yesterday was fun. Played board games, It was really awesome, one of the people I game with got me a small christmas gift, it is a really nice packers throw blanket. I was really thankful and awe struck. That was really cool of them and i’m still kind of smiling over it.

Which kind of brings me to a silly point. Its about christmas. I think I’ve babbled about this before but i am gonna say it again. I am not a religious person.. but for me the best part of christmas is the presents, both giving and getting. Maybe its a bit selfish of me, but I like stuff. I like giving stuff and getting stuff. But thats all. Silly little rant. YAY STUFF!

Anyhop. This is gonna be a strange day in ffxiv, My mom is coming back with my niece and we are getting froyo, and my friend is coming over to play board games so I am gonna get some lunch and then hop on so i can do daily stuff.

alt text

That boots life

alt text
All my gifts. I know one is a new packers hat, some new tea towels and at least one Gift card, but its mainly new board games. YAY!

alt text
This baby macaroni doesn’t need nip.

alt text

The new post. They like it. Of course I did put catnip around it so they’d use it.

Anyhop. Be back tomorrow.
Have a great day.

Thus ends our broadcast day.



Catleesi December 23, 2015

Your kitties are super cute, boots looks like my tuxie Gizmo :)

LordJunon Catleesi ⋅ December 23, 2015

Boots is a big old linebacker cat, but he is super cuddly, headbonky and gives lots of loving. (sometimes a bit TOO much loving and headbonks)
And macaroni, bless his derpy heart. That cat is scared of his own shadow, fights cuddles but then gives in. (although he did somehow shut my furnace off.. read previous entry)

^..^Kat December 29, 2015

I like their new post. Canned air as Boots repellent? Is that what you use instead of a water bottle like I do?

LordJunon ^..^Kat ⋅ December 29, 2015

Boots would just look at it and want more if it was a water bottle :)

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