Mischievous Kitties in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Dec. 21, 2015, 1:46 p.m.
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These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE:

1) Macaroni was bad but smart.. silly kitty.

2) Weekend was fun.

3) This week is gonna be crazy.

4) I will be seeing star wars this week.

so here we go......

yeah. This weekend was fun. This week will be crazy though. So what I did this weekend was play lots of games. Took a few pictures so y’all will be seeing those WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT :)

So Friday I didn’t do anything to be honest. I played ffxiv (Which ill be on tonight after the soccer game) Sunday I watched football and wait for the heating people to come.. why do you ask? Well....

As I came home saturday, I got into my garage. came up stairs, and it was cold. Colder than usual because my house is drafty so its pointless to run the heat constantly. I look at the thermostat and it says 55. Crap. The Furnace quit working. So I live through the night. (One of the few times I didn’t mess with my socks in bed, and boots didn’t move when i slept) I woke up, and its 48 in the house! Eep. So. I get the number for the people from my mom, she comes out, wraps gifts and she was trying to stay warm. (It didn’t overly bother me because i’m used to it but still IT WAS COLD)

So they come (after driving 90 minutes) The guy comes in, i show him the furnace.. and he notices that the power lever (Which neither me, my mom or brother knew about) was down enough to turn off. So.. How did it turned off? The only thing I can think of.. is that macaroni that silly little liquid baby cat somehow was able to trip the lever far enough to turn it off. That Mischievous little kitten. I wasn’t mad. I was impressed and i can’t stop laughing over it. The way he got to it is there is a shelf that is right next to it (Which is near the portal to the garage) but who knows. Its funny. And now I know if that happens again. Haha Poor macaroni. He got punishment cuddles.

Today was okay. Went to applebees, did some running around for my mom and thats about it. Gonna play ffxiv and watch soccer (If i feel like it i might stream it on my iPad and play if i am feeling ambitious haaha) Tommorow I get my gifts from my mom (Since they are board games and heavy for her, ill be unwrapping them friday!) Wednesday grocery shopping and Thursday ill be seeing star wars (And doing my best to avoid spoilers although i think i saw one, but i’m not 100% sure)

So have a good couple of days y’all.

Picture time:
alt text

He is plump but happy

alt text

Boots loaf

alt text

Flick em up! In action. After the first round

alt text

More flick em up fun!

alt text

Code of nine.

alt text

New york 1901, a cool little skyscraper building game.

Okie. Have a great couple of days.

Thus ends our broadcast day.



^..^Kat December 21, 2015

I'm glad the furnace issue wasn't too serious. Bad Macaroni. :)

Catleesi December 23, 2015

Haha, Macaroni is definitely one smart kitty. No one could figure out his plotting!

Have you tried Arkham Horror? I've been addicted to it lately.

LordJunon Catleesi ⋅ December 23, 2015

I prefer elder sign which is the dice version :)

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