Twitter: Samples in Book Two: The Fifteenth Year of the Third Millennium of the Common Era

  • Dec. 18, 2015, 11:03 p.m.
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Playing a video game and a few things became, ultimately, as clear as they ever have been.
(1) Tell Tale Games is amazing. Just… bravo to their ability to story tell.
(2) Seeing a shuttle launch, even in a video game, kind of gets to me. May humanity always reach for the stars… literally and figuratively.
(3a) A skirt and heels will always grab my attention. If you add tights, nylons, stockings, pantyhose or anything like that to the equation… it is sincerely my fucking Kryptonite. In alarming, dangerous, debilitating ways.
(3b) My wife knows this… she knows this all too well… and has never done it. One of the first times in my marriage that I ever missed my “psycho tried to kill me ex girlfriend” was when I realized that.... Yokai (as I shall politely refer to my ex) LOVED to wear skirts, heels, and hose because she liked being able to affect and manipulate me. Wife? Rarely ever wears something besides pants and a shirt… no matter the occasion.
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