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  • Dec. 17, 2015, 8:35 p.m.
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These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE:

1) Today was alright.

2) I’m hungry. I think i’m going to eat something soon.

3) My kitties are silly.

4) I’m gonna throw some board game stuff on here.

so here we go......

Yeah, Today was okay. This weekend will be decent. Saturday will be a game day. Yay. I’ll see star wars during a daytime run sometime next week. Because daytime might be the better time. But i’m not a HUGE star wars fan. I prefer star trek, but yanno.

I did some more shopping with my mom, and got some froyo. Which was lunch. I am such an adult.

Tonight will be equally okay. I’m getting some food soon. I dunno what. Maybe some soup now and a pot pie later? That sounds good.I dunno yet. Hah.

So yeah. Thats about it. Now i’m gonna post pictures. Some board game related, some kitty related. I did a top 5 games of 2015 and I’ve splashed it everywhere. Here included even though only few people will know what they are so pbbbbt:

first off a couple of loafs sleeping:

alt text

there is a ton of fluff on the blanket

Now my board games:

alt text

5: 7 wonders duel

alt text

4: Golden ages

alt text

3: Code of 9

alt text

2: Marco Polo

alt text

1: The Grizzled.

If you want to know about them leave a comment!

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Thus ends our broadcast day.



^..^Kat December 17, 2015

Double decker kitties!
Have you tried KFC's pot pies? They are SO good!

LordJunon ^..^Kat ⋅ December 17, 2015

yes i have. I like KFC a lot. :D

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