Answers and weekends in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Dec. 14, 2015, 3:07 p.m.
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These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE:

1) Answers will be given.

2) I had a good weekend.

3) My kitties are ninja fullbacks

4) I had pizza. I will have pizza. awesome.

so here we go......

First off Ill talk about my weekend. It was good. I went bowling on friday and actually won both games, although it was just more of a get together, and then afterwards we played apples to apples for about 3 hours (And BSed the entire time) But it was fun.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Woke up, watched Man City win (well.. I slept terribly and fell asleep for the last 20 minutes) But I had to go grab something for my mom (and some oreo rice krispy treats which were amazing) And I went to the board game white elephant gift exchange and it was a lot of fun. I ended up with this:

alt text

a cowboy flicking game, and what is great about this one is Most flicking games you use your thumb and forefinger to flick this one you don’t. you just use your finger to flick. More accurate that way. It looks a lot of fun.

I came home at about 2am, went to bed at about 3. Sunday was lazy. I didn’t sleep well (again) and fell asleep a little bit but after that I ordered pizza and just watched football and played a bit of FFXIV (packers won.. yaaaaay)

Today I had to get gas and some breathing stuff for my mom, and took a bath. And thats about it. Boots was bad. I was entering the basement from the garage (aka no-no land for kitties) he bolted in there. I had to chase after him. Bad kitty.

Here are some bad boots pictures:

alt text

On a throne of boxes.

alt text

Listening to music for kitties. He was not amused

now for answers (Some were asked twice so ill answer it once for obvious reasons)

  1. Do you have a secret works-every-time strategy for Monopoly? (I do!) Honestly. I haven’t played monopoly in forever. My strategy is to shut the box and play acquire.

  2. Cards Against Humanity: Yes or No? No. I’m not a terrible person.

  3. Have you ever played Rapidough? No clue what that is. lol

  4. (a) What colour “pie” do you pick in Trivial Pursuit? Well. I like playing neutral colors (White, black, grey) I dunno if they are in there, been a while since i played it.
  5. (b) What do you call the player markers in Trivial Pursuit? (I call the counters “pies” and the things you put in them “cheeses”) I think wedges.. lol

  6. Show us a photo of your dice, please? :)
    alt text

alt text

  1. What is your favorite condiment? I like mayo.
  2. What do you want to be when you grow up? A cop.
  3. Why did I think you lived in New York? lol I dunno? PA here.
  4. What’s the furthest you’ve traveled away from your home alone? Mexico City!
  5. When did you first feel like you were a grown up? Um. I say when i worked at staples. Ugh.
  6. How is Baby Boots? Baby boots is okay. I might be able to take her which is good news. (I call her Bootsarella)
  7. What is your favorite scent? Mmm. Pizza.

What are your goals for 2016? I am highly contemplating going back to school for photography/videography.

Are the kitties doing better? Kitties are okay :D just bad

Will you keep Boots-cat? I assume baby boots was the ^^

How is Baby Boots? ^^
How is Gabby cat? Gabby Cat is doing okay. Still very vocal… VERY vocal.
Are you interested in playing Fallout 4? I dunno. I have thought about asking for it (alongside the final fantasy which came out.. last year this year? Not XIV but the other one.. type zero i think it is what its called)
Are you happy the Packers won on Sunday? (I know I am. Boo Dallas!) HECK YES.
Do you watch hockey? On passing. I know people who have kind of sucked the fun out of hockey for me.
Is pretzel crust pizza any good? Well since i still have 3 slices of Sriracha cheese pretzel crust pizza.. yes :D
What kind of microwave burritos are good? Um.. I found an organic burrito bowl which was REALLY GOOD.
What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Provolone.
How’s your momma doing? She is doing okay. She had a long weekend. Lots of travel. Too much for her i think
Is it hot there too? Yes. Id be all for global warming if it wasn’t bad for the planet lol.

Okay have a great night and a good tuesday.

Thus ends our broadcast day.



^..^Kat December 14, 2015

That's a LOT of dice! Bad Boots! Good thing he's cute. ;)

LordJunon ^..^Kat ⋅ December 14, 2015

It has actually grown since those pictures. :)

The collection of dice.. not boots. although he's a growing boy too.

Stephably December 14, 2015

I definitely don't think playing cards against humanity makes one a bad person. Just means you have a sense of humor.

LordJunon Stephably ⋅ December 14, 2015

lol. i'm just quoting the game. :)

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights December 14, 2015

Are we talking about different Boots kitties lol?

LordJunon Darkest Days, Brightest Nights ⋅ December 14, 2015

There is baby boots which i'm thinking of adopting, and then there is my boots cat :)

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights LordJunon ⋅ December 14, 2015

Ohhhhhh ok.

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