"Moonlight (Every Night)" ... Video of me included. in Entries of Great Significance

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And sometimes the inspiration comes from the magic of the moment, and the soft light of night..

“Moonlight (Every Night)”

Tell me, Sunrise,
Are you forever going to be,
The very first thought,
That stirs me from sleep?
Are you forever going to be,
The only truth of want,
That promises me complete?

Tell me, Sunset,
Are you forever going to be,
The very last thought,
That ushers me to sleep?
Are you forever going to be,
The only lie I shall heart,
That warrants me believe?

Tell me, Moonlight,
Are you forever going to be,
The very last friend I’ve got,
That pleads me not to sleep?
Are you forever going to be,
The only one not to give up,
That stands by me eternally?

I find that it is in the stars,
That I am least lost,
And most apt and open,
For self-discovery.
And it is beneath the stars,
That I am most lost,
And least apt and open,
For self-recovery.

So interlace your fingers,
Within my trembling own,
And hold on hard,
Hold on tight.
Let us sail away,
Within the magic,
Of the moonlight.
Into the stars,
That are the skyline,
Of the darkest night.
Because I need no compass,
No stellar cartographer,
Can possibly charter,
The map you and I,
Shall traverse in time.
Because there exists,
Not one person below,
That can feel my heart,
Stare into my midnight eyes,
And feel the rhythm of,
This cosmic dust,
That makes me feel,
When I am with you,
So wholly alive.

You are my wildfire.
And I am your moonlight.
You are my kerosene,
And I am your sparklight.
You are my desperation,
And I am your hindsight.
You are my determination,
And I am your sunlight.
You are my everything,
And I am your starlight.

Oh, my darling Sun,
How you set and you rise,
And you inspire and ignite.
It is not for you that my heart,
Was meant for,
For always.
Every night.

It is the softness of the Moon,
And her beams ever bending,
Betwixt the shadows,
Of heavy buildings,
Through swaying branches,
Of sturdy Willows,
Always there for me,
When the darkness feels heavy,
Taking my blistered hand,
And reclaiming the shaken man,
That she always believes in.
Every night.

Bathed in her soft curves,
Fully within her star’s light,
I am her center;
And she – my stellar mote.
My cosmic spotlight.
Finally together.
Every night.

Brian Milici
October 5, 2015

Karaoke Set List from Friday night:

”A Lifetime” by Better Than Ezra

”Bad Day” by Fuel

”Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish

”Hemorrhage (Inside My Hands)” by Fuel

”Push” by Matchbox 20

”Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon

”It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

Video of me reciting this poem as well as a story about karaoke with jazz hands included! Oh, and I answer a couple more “Would You Rather” queries.. enjoy!

Feedback is always adored!

May you always find your smile.

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