Right Now in 2015

  • Sept. 28, 2015, 3:22 p.m.
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A few quick things I plan to revisit soon, now that things have settled down.

  1. The move is done, though I’m still unpacking stuff, particularly in the kitchen..... and there are a ridiculous number of boxes of books around the apartment.

  2. Work is work. It’s a relatively easy job stocking shelves, just tiring, and I’m still not really adjusting to early morning schedule. And by early morning, I mean I go in at either 2 or 4 am, depending on if it’s a truck day or not. Something will have to give there at some point.

  3. My best friend will be having her baby soon. She was due two days ago, but no signs of labor yet. So, her doctor has decided to induce her this Saturday if there are no developments by then. Other than, she and the baby are doing fine.

  4. I have a doctor’s appointment October 12 to see about my knees, and other things. I’ve had joint pain on and off for a couple of years now. One doctor thought it was psoriatic arthritis, but I haven’t really had it looked at to figure out what’s really going on. So, that’ll get started with this appointment. There are some other minor things I want to talk about with them as well....but they actually escape me at the moment.

  5. I have been writing some in paper journals, but I haven’t really touched my creative writing recently. I do have a friend (who’s self-published one novel to some success and is in the final stages of getting the sequel published) who’s been good at pushing me, and particularly giving me some pointers to help get more…organized. Now if I could just solve the energy and motivation issues.....

  6. I need to go get my car checked. I’m overdue for an oil change (and it’s easier to get someone to do it since we’re not supposed to do things like that in the apartment parking lot), and I need new wiper blades. Plus I’m just overdue for an overall inspection of hoses, fluids, etc. So that’ll get done at some point in the next couple of weeks.

  7. I’m sure there’s more, but for now…shower and winding down before bed. As I’ll be up at 1:30am, I’ll be in bed by 7:30 or 8. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a social life right now....

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