Another One. in Poetry by Me

  • Sept. 5, 2015, 7:08 a.m.
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You told me you were
The One
And I completed you
You wanted the same
As I wanted
And we’d work hard
To make it happen
I told you I wanted
Someone who would not bail
Someone to stand by me
When things got rough
Because things always get rough
But like so many others
At the first hint of trouble
You ran away
As fast as you could
Leaving me with
A broken heart
Emotional whiplash
Caused by how suddenly
You were just gone
You told me you were
The One
But you were just
Another one

Last updated September 05, 2015

bearman September 05, 2015

Sorry you deserve better

Deleted user September 05, 2015


patrisha September 05, 2015

I am glad you found out he was untrustworthy before you moved... Of course, a nicer person than me might forgive him but I am not that nice.

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