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  • Aug. 11, 2015, 2:58 a.m.
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On Saturday the girls asked me if they could do my make up, I got all my slap (as my sister calls it) down from the bathroom, explained what it was all for, closed my eyes and let them get on with it.

 photo IMAG3043.jpg

They had decided to do one half of my face each and this was the result. Lila had control of left side and Talaia practiced her skills on the right.

 photo IMAG3049.jpg

They thought it was hilarious!

 photo IMAG3047.jpg

And then I did their make up for them…

 photo IMAG3050.jpg

And no, I don’t condone make up on children of their age, it was just a bit of fun!


We drove through ever heavier rain towards the River Severn, the motorway sometimes obscured by the spray from the vehicles in front. It eased off as we reached the Severn View Services.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-11-08-09-54.png

 photo DI2009_1299.jpg

We walked up the half mile to the start of the bridge, I kissed the family goodbye and started my run to Wales.

 photo IMAG0479.jpg

I felt strong, my 1985 soundtrack pumping me along the road. The sky was heavy with cloud, spray spattered me as the vehicles thundered by and I felt great. Grinning and singing was the way to go.
(This was swiped from Google)
 photo 2003sep05_Bristol_SevernBridge.jpg
By about half way the rain had started again, a fierce sideways rain coming from the estuary. I stopped to move my phone over to my other arm so that it wouldn’t get wet and then carried on. My hair was sticking together, rain running down my face. My feet squelched as I ran through puddles the depth of my trainers and still I smiled, still I felt alive. I crossed over the peninsula with Beachley army base, the lush trees and sports facilities.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-11-08-10-09.png

And on, across the River Wye. My bladder was thanking me for all the water I’d drunk and I wasn’t convinced I’d make it back so I headed for the concrete building near which we had eaten bananas on Friday, checked for visibility and squatted!

Then I ran a little further since my app said I had run 1.97 miles… May as well make it a round 2 ;-)

Then I turned around and headed back.

The return journey had far more uphill so was harder and I was overtaken by another runner, also soaked to the skin, also grinning :-) we acknowledged each other with a smile and a nod. I love runners, such a supportive bunch.

Back at the other side there was no sign of my family waiting to cheer me over the finish line so I jogged on a little way, eventually stopping to phone them. Apparently they had got too wet and didn’t want to get wetter, and when I say ‘they’, apparently the girls begged to be allowed and Rich said ‘no.’

So he photographed me back in the services.

 photo IMAG0481.jpg


Obviously, having dragged Rich over to wait for me, we had to do something fun with the family. I showered in the truck stop shower, basic but clean, and we drove over the bridge (after forking out £6.50 for the pleasure).

There is a forest called The Forest of Dean which has all sorts of fun stuff. Years ago Rich and I followed the Sculpture Trail so we took the girls on it.

 photo IMAG3052.jpg

 photo IMAG3056.jpg

 photo IMAG3059.jpg

 photo IMAG3061.jpg

 photo IMAG3063.jpg

 photo IMAG3065.jpg

(This is where Talaia fell in)

 photo IMAG3066.jpg

 photo IMAG3067.jpg

 photo IMAG3069.jpg

 photo IMAG3071.jpg

 photo IMAG3075.jpg

(This is where Lila fell in)

 photo IMAG3074.jpg

(Soggy foot!)

 photo IMAG3077.jpg


 photo IMAG3080.jpg

It was a lovely day and we were all exhausted by the end.

In fact, at 9am the day after the girls and I are all in bed together, staring at our screens!

Ginger Rogers August 11, 2015

Your girls are so lucky to have a MOM who allows them to put on makeup. I remember lying on the floor and letting my kids paint my body.

~Twinkle~ August 11, 2015

Yay! Well done xx

colojojo August 11, 2015

Haha sounds like a fun run. I like running in the rain, as long as it's not cold rain. I love the mutual head nod/respect when running past one another. Sadly I don't see much of it here. In the states, everyone who passes everyone typically gives a head nod. I've noticed almost no one here does.

I think hubs has told me about that forest. It looks beautiful! I want to go! :)

ermentrude colojojo ⋅ August 11, 2015

I always initiate the head nod though - whether with runners, dog walkers our commuters. Start doing it and puerile will start responding. X

thesunnyabyss August 11, 2015

playing with make up was so much fun with little ones,

and bravo!! you rock!!!

and that park looks so awesome, I really miss having younger kids like yours,

have a great day!!

Ceylon Sapphire August 12, 2015

just tell the girls that practise makes perfect and enjoy the makeup!

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