Broken Vase. in Poetry by Me

  • Dec. 22, 2013, 12:27 a.m.
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So as I sit here in the dark
In the middle of the night
Unable to sleep
I for some reason decided
To talk to him, sitting in an empty chair
Which led to copious amounts of tears

I could hear one of you saying, "He's not worth it."

And for the first time ever, I replied, "I know."

I reflect on the various heartbreaks of my life
And I see that I have always bounced back
I have often said, "I will never love again"
And I inevitably do
I realize all that from a logical standpoint
My heart so rarely listens to reason though, you know

I risk repeating myself when I remind you
That as we age, broken bones take longer to heal
The same goes for broken hearts
Remembering the vase analogy
The vase that's been broken so many times
That it can't be glued back together
I wonder
Is this it?
Is this the final straw?
Are there enough pieces left to put back together?
How deep will the cracks go?
Will it hold water?
My heart is a vase

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