Web of Desire (And.. a Brian Fun Fact) in Poetry is the Window to the Soul...

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  • May 21, 2015, 2:40 p.m.
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And sometimes the inspiration comes from the settling of thought and the rumbling of every other part..

“Web of Desire”

You are a thought –
An idea –
So sensual,
And I –
Woefully incomplete.

You are falling rain
On my ordinary,
Pristine day.
With you around,
I find footing difficult.
As I fall,
And fly into
Your web of desire.
Your steel-tipped heart
Shakes me,
Makes me,
Weak in the knees!

Oh, I am still
So incomplete.

I feel
So very
And so woefully
Not ready
Exploring your mind.
Cursed knees!

Allowing one hand
To rub the magic lamp
That exists
Betwixt your thighs.
The other grabs
Honeycomb hair
I open your legs,
And your starlit eyes
With my desperate mind!
Desperate wants!
Desperate needs!
Desperate times!

Grunting –
Our voices.
Moon-soaked choices.
Haggard and moist,
No more choices


And I am –
Always reaching!
And I am –
Always gritting!

Unsteady feet.
So very hard.

My voice tips..

Ah, yes,
Weak at the knees.
Wicked thief!

Delightful thievery.

So, so very
Unsteady –
My feet.

And still even more
Desperate needs.

Slipping, darling,
On unsteady feet
Feel so weak,
Weak at these, these
Godforsaken knees!

You are my cobweb of desire.
And I am your loyal,
Lustful fly.
Falling and flying
Into webbing.
Your webbing,
Every single time
That we speak.

© Brian Milici
May 21, 2015

Feedback, as always, is adored!

Got a favorite line?:)

Today’s Brian Fun Fact: If you stick around long enough in my life. I will give you a nickname. It will come in an organic way, but I give nicknames to everyone and everything I care about. My pups are Sam and Dean.

Sam is Donkey, Donks, Biggie Sams, Smammy, and a bunch of other retarded names. Dean is Baby Dean because he kind of just, well, looks like a Baby Dean.

Haha. I’ve got probably two or maybe even three dozen nicknames bestowed upon me from over the years.

I was best friends with a guy named Bryan for about 13 years. Anyway, apparently to differentiate us my friends referred to him as Gay Bryan (haha, long long long story, but he once said he’d prefer, uh, to eat cum over mayonnaise) and I was referred to as Big Brian. Then when I lost all the weight they apparently changed it to Slightly Less Gay Brian.

WTF, man.

Cannot. Catch. A. Break. :)

But usually, I give myself stupid nicknames! Ugh. Recently I accidentally dubbed myself Simple Syrup. It’s bad. Bad, bad, bad.. haha.

Again, a story for another time. :)

Current Song: “The Part Where You Let Go” by Hem

Ohhh! And ask me a question here if you’d like to play the Question Game with me, and I’ll make an entry later answering all the questions asked of me. And I won’t put any names to the questions, so feel free to bring it. I’ll be 100% honest and transparent. The former I always am. The latter? That.. doesn’t happen very often. :)

I’m exceptional at saying a lot without revealing anything. :P

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Jafael May 21, 2015

Great poem.

Saw your entry on the home page! Hi! Nice to see you here. I love finding old OD friends around here.

LoveSuicide Jafael ⋅ May 21, 2015

heh, thanks! I recall quite a few phone conversations with you. :)

Sharee May 21, 2015

(Fave phrasing: moon-soaked choices...not quite a whole line but oh well, I'm running on empty today.)

I'm loving the Dean and Sam pups. Very nice. My animals all have various names, including certain 'in trouble' names. They're really a bunch of jerks.

Nicknames can be an endearing pain. My friend Kelly called me Chandi (weirdly annoying) forever, she didn't stop until I started calling her Sniggles. Sometime in elementary school I had a librarian that gave us all 'Indian' names. My parents still call me mine, it's terrible. (I'm still debating about putting that one out there, before you ask.) I've had several people over the years call me Miss Lear so they remember how to pronounce my name. At least they've usually been nice.

LoveSuicide Sharee ⋅ May 21, 2015


What is your Indian name.

Be a giver.. ahem.. and I'll give back. Promise. :P

Sharee LoveSuicide ⋅ May 22, 2015

Ha, I've heard that before.

But I did bring it up, so I suppose I'll give you this one.

Ms. McGee loved my eyes. Why, I have no idea. She dubbed me Princess Lovely Eyes, and called me that for the rest of elementary school. (Starting in 1st grade, maybe 2nd.) Mom and dad loved it.

It's actually been a year or so since either of them used it. Here's hoping that they've finally forgotten.

I just remembered that my grandfather used to call me Peaches. I used that as one of my OD names for awhile. :-)

Spilledperfume May 21, 2015


LoveSuicide Spilledperfume ⋅ May 21, 2015

Right back at you, my dancing queen.

(I'm trying!!)

Sumido May 22, 2015

Hi there. I just stumbled over this and got curious. I've read your stuff and....something's not right here.
I am a huge "The Crow" fan and trust me: You do not deserve to quote The Crow. Do yourself a favor and trust me on this. Just don't...

Deleted user Sumido ⋅ May 22, 2015

Told ya

LoveSuicide Sumido ⋅ May 22, 2015


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