Oct. 2nd in The Wonderland Years: 2007: transferred over from FOD

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‘’‘porn’; my mom was talking about corn once ‘prostitute’; as opposed to prom queen ‘lemons’ ; tyra was talking about women.

oh and its ‘intent’ not ‘intint’> like, what is that?

they have vaccinations to cure the hiccups these days.

why is she wearing clothes in the bath?

a text message..........at age 9? oookkkkkkkkkkkk ‘


ok so lately i’ve been annoyed by well, pretty much everyone. but i’ve also been annoyed by the fact that i have to explain why. i know it’s life. and once i’m calmed down a bit i’ll explain things in a much calmer manner. as for right now.........

ok well i know that there are a lot of people out there hwo want to help. and it’s not that i don’t appreciate what yall are doin it’s that i feel you’re not going about things in the ebst way.


i very rarely want advice. so stop giving it to me. and yes i do realise that you didn’t know this. i dont want advice i dont want suggestiosn i don’t want idea i dont want opinions. most of the time that is.

well unless i ask for it, as in the case of a few entries back about CLE appt crap.

ok um. if you dont understand something just ask.

if you dont know how to help me but would really like to then please just tell me. cuz i hate it when people guess.

sometimes optimism can be too much for me to handle.

well thanks.’

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