May 21st in The Wonderland Years: 2007: transferred over from FOD

  • April 10, 2015, 4:42 p.m.
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‘doesn’t mean I can’t do other things. Well, other than talk. And go out and about.

See whenever people are in this type of situation they start thinking ‘oh i cant do anything’. Which, I admit, is not an easy pattern to break. But I have a mind. I can communicate. I’ve been socialised. I can try to be productive. I can still do things just not a lot.

My grandmother fell and hit her head. So, she wastaken to the hospital unexpectedly. She has mobility and processing issues. I don’t. I’m also a lot younger than she is.

I am frustratedbut I think it would be a lot more frustrating to be in her situation.

I’m going to have physical therapy, so I can re-learn how to talk, eat, etc. It won’t be easy. But being as determined as I am.

Weirdly enough what I was doing before I had the surgery is actually going to help me. I grew up drinking milk. And, as everyone knows, milk has calcium in it, which helps bone/teeth growth. Also, ever since I was 13 I’ve walked most places. This means I’m fairly active. I’m not exactly sure how this helps but it does. Somehow.

And, I’m bruising. I know doesn’t sound all that lovely. It’s not. I’m now partially yellow bc of this. But from what I’ve heard when bruises are yellow they’re in the last stage. And they should soon eventually go away.

And, as opposed to 100 years ago, we have anasteshia to make you fall asleep. It also makes you terrifically dizzy right before you fall asleep. And, they told me not to eat anything after midnight. Well, I don’t eat much anyway. Thanks. Really.

It’s ironic that they have cooking shows when one isn’t allowed to eat.

We also have morphine to help with the pain. Morphine makes you incredibly tired.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to ever be frustrated again. Cuz believe me I will be.’

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