January 5, 2015 in An Entry A Day 2015

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I woke up around 3 today. We went to Wendy’s around 5:30. I spent the entire day texting my boyfriend and another friend. Which, again, was awesome. Boyfriend and I traded pokemon. I sent Juli a magikarp egg without telling her what was in it. Her reaction was priceless. Boyfriend sent me a ditto named I love you. it was adorable. I spent all night talking to him and my other friend. I didn’t do much else today…Gina’s mom told me she’d be a reference for me and so did Ashley.

I don’t know what else to say right now, I might add more later. I haven’t decided yet.

Also it’s almost 8 and I noticed about 45 minutes ago that there is almost an inch of snow outside!!! I’m so excited!

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