January 4, 2015 in An Entry A Day 2015

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Today I woke up late again. Gina and I hung out for a while so I could get something done. We went back to her house. Her mom agreed to be a reference for me on care. We made dinner and I got to use the onion torture device (chop thingy). We went upstairs and watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy and then she brought me home. I hung out with Jonny and mom for a bit.

Mom went to bed around midnight. I talked to my boyfriend for a few minutes on the phone. He said he just wanted to hear my voice. It was sweet. I really love him.
I spent a large amount of time texting/facebook messaging my friend. We talked on the phone for the first time and I was up until 8 something the next morning talking to him. 3 hours on the phone. It was wonderful.

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