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  • Jan. 6, 2015, 3:35 a.m.
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I can’t believe that after my first day back to work after having 12 days off, I can’t fall asleep. I was up at 5 am this am and I have been tired all day, just dreaming about being able to go to bed. Why is it that I’m wide awake?
Maybe it is because of the incident at work today. I am just tired of always having incidents at work. It blows. I didn’t know how good I had it the past few years. They really left me alone over there. I came in, I did my job, I did it well, and then I went home. It wasn’t without its problems but they pale in comparison to this yard. It seems that every day I am getting it from someone… usually the boss. Today it came from a parent. His child wasn’t at the stop on time. I was there on time. I opened the doors, the lights were on, I beeped, I waited, I beeped again, waited some more and nobody came out so I proceeded on.
He was such a dick. He insisted I didn’t wait long enough because they came out as I was turning the corner. Too late bitch. I can’t stop then. Try getting your lazy ass out there on time like everyone else! Then he yelled at me that he was going to call my company and the best part; he was going to get that stop changed. That was the funniest part of all. He lives in the house literally right next to the stop. I knew there was no way in hell they were going to change it. He is just a lazy douche bag. So when I dropped his child off after school and he got nowhere when he tried getting me in trouble and was unsuccessful in getting the stop changed, he wouldn’t even look at me. That actually cracked me up. A grown man, and he was hiding his face from me lmao!
It just ruined my first day back to work though. I’m just so freaking tired of all the bullshit there. I started looking online tonight for another job. Hopefully something will come my way. God knows I am in desperate need of money now too. Oh well, I have faith. Everything will be alright.

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