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Today I only slept for a few hours before the dogs barked me awake. Apparently there was another dog in our yard, or something. An hour or so after I got up, mom, gram, Jonny and I went to Kmart, Roses, and Burger King.
I saw this awesome BayMax toy in Kmart and I want it! I got a new outfit in roses. At burger king both me and jonny had the a1 burger and mom and gram had the 4 cheese wopper. Jonny and I spent almost the entire time trying to chainfish for a shiny in pokemon alpha sapphire and omega ruby. We still haven’t gotten one in my game, he’s gotten a few in his. Plus I’ve been breeding magikarp…I’m up to 95 now and taking a break.

After we got home, I started watching House on netflix while mom was outside on the phone with Mayor McCheese. (Long story) Once she came in we watched two episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Once the second one was over, Jonny took over playing GTA. I drew a little with my tablet pen.

I’ve discovered that the keyboard no longer works on my touch screen phone…go figure.

I fell asleep around 10 which is weird for me.

Today I decided that it was going to be a good day and nothing could have stopped me from believing that.

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