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  • July 9, 2024, 6:39 p.m.
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I have severe anxiety and depression. The doctor tried Wellbutrin hoping to improve my condition. Let discuss side effects shall we. I had a melt down at work trying to serve breakfast. Zelma demanded me to move me things out of the hotel room. I stay here during the week where my car is broke down. When I packed up my room Zelma promised me to take care of breakfast for me. Instead helping me she refused to help me. I thought she was getting coffee and serving food till I returned Zelma refused. By the time I got there I was getting cussed out by customers. We didn’t have any food out.

I was trying to catch up Missy and Mary went into the kitchen saw my anxiety attack and crying they immediately help me serve what they could. They calmed me down through my tears.I was cussing angry. I admitted my medication was driving me insane and I apologized. I was seriously about ready to quit on the spot and simply walk home. I begged them to find me someone to help me I can’t keep doing breakfast alone. My boss Gina was sent the message and immediately put my plea for another employee to help me on indeed. God I need the help.

Missy and Mary informed Gina that I left to clean the room out after Zelma demanded me. Zelma knew technically that room was still mine till 12. She just likes to see me suffer. I don’t know what I did to anger that bitch but I regret my decision.

I come home to discover I couldn’t eat or drink without vomiting. Every time I tried to eat toast or broth I threw up. My husband watched me bawl like a baby. He put my food in the fridge and hugged me to comfort me. I found myself jealous when Mom and talan could eat and I couldn’t.

I laid with my cat Ziggy. I cried while Ziggy tried to comfort me stroking my face. My husband Talan came in and watch my black Siamese stroking my face and licking my face trying to clean up my tears. My husband kept bringing Ziggy in because he knew Ziggy was comforting me.

The Dr took me off Wellbutrin. He said my body can’t handle that antidepressants and decided to change it before I got to crazy. He is going to try me on effexor and see if my biological makeup works better on that. I have had depression and anxiety attacks for so long I don’t know what it feels like to be happy anymore. What is happiness but a chemical really? I wish I knew where to find this chemical. God help me..

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