Car Crash, Lies, and Pneumonia in Heaven Help Us

  • July 9, 2024, 1:42 a.m.
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I have pneumonia. I’ve had it for over a week now and I’m fucking miserable. Tonight was the first time I’ve fully fed since last week and I definitely fed too much and now I’m vomiting it all up. I had to take a hit of weed because I was so fucking nauseous and now here I sit unable to sleep, unable to stop coughing, and unable to stop throwing up but at least I’m not sick to my fucking stomach. I didn’t get to see Hannah this weekend because… a lot of reasons we’ll get into but the main one being I’m so horribly sick. The other one being…

I got into a car crash! When Hannah and Caleb were over we were all three in the car, I tried to change lanes and a woman in a van tried to speed past me changing lanes when she almost got past… almost and I collided with her bumper. She spun twice and I performed a PERFEC PIT maneuver. She was pissed. However I also know she has a lot of felonies and driving violations. I heard them call them in when me, Alex, Hannah, and Caleb were standing there by the cop. It was fucking wild. I’m waiting for insurance to call and get my side of the story still. They called last week but I literally couldn’t speak because I’d coughed my voice away. I hope I’m not fucking found at fault. I just… what a fucking mess.

I also won’t get to see Hannah this week but she has a combined Bachelor/Bachelorette party to go too. So that should be really fucking fun for her and I hope she has a great time. Cheyenne won’t be going which thank fuck. I know if she goes Hannah would be fucking miserable and she doesn’t fucking deserve that. Oh they had their talk and…

Cheyenne was a fucking liar! What a surprise! She got there and was high, of course, so you already know she didn’t come with good like… actual intentions of talking shit out. She lied and gave a half assed apology and said I lied and said shit and was apparently a fucking lying mess but what can you expect from a goddamn child like that. She just likes to start shit. So I’m glad she’s not going. She doesn’t deserve to go honestly. She doesn’t deserve Isaiah. She doesn’t deserve to be KNOWN by Hannah.

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