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I have pneumonia. I’ve had it for over a week now and I’m fucking miserable. Tonight was the first time I’ve fully fed since last week and I definitely fed too much and now I’m vomiting it all ...

June 03, 2024

Moving On Up

We get to move on the 12th! Or at the very least our furniture sure as fuck is going to be moving! I’m really excited to finally have everything settled and coordinated. Meggie’s dad is going ...

June 03, 2024

Set Match

Meggie is trying to coordinate me and her going to a tennis match soon, which I’m really fucking excited about. The only problem seems to be Hannah’s birthday being at the end of the month. I’m...

June 02, 2024

Hannah and Iz

I had the best weekend. I think I’ve made a new friend in Hannah. I’ve had a blast being at her place with her friends but I mostly just like spending time with her. We have a lot in common and i...

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