What I really look like in These titles mean nothing.

  • July 7, 2024, 6:29 a.m.
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This picture is maybe a minute and a half old.

It’s not flattering but it’s real. I took a series before this one, trying to make myself look good. I failed. I gave up and went back to my jigsaw puzzle. As I sat looking at the scattered bits of sky and water and whatever else, I thought - wait, this is what I look like. It doesn’t matter if I look good or bad. What matters is reality. So I went back to the computer’s camera and took the pic above.

It’s what I really look like.


Funny what a gift life is. I have this minute, this hour, this day. I have what I have. I have the capability of being who and what I am. It’s not good or bad. It simply is.

woman in the moon July 07, 2024

If you have a question about the background, I'd be happy to answer.

woman in the moon July 07, 2024

Or a question about the foreground.

FragileGlass July 07, 2024


Sugar Magnolia July 07, 2024

I have always coveted your gorgeous hair. At our age “pretty” is a thing of the past. Character matters and you have that in spades.

Anaiss July 07, 2024

I think you are beautiful. As I'm getting older I am finally starting to be able to shrug and say "Well, this is me." Not that it doesn't bother me sometimes. Aging is not easy -- it causes a lot of introspection and changes in perspective.

Purple Dawn July 07, 2024

You're lovely 😀

NorthernSeeker July 07, 2024

What kind of a plant is on the cabinet in the right side of the photo?

Photobucket was out for quite awhile today. You have beautiful cheekbones and eyes and hair. You have a pleasant face (as opposed to a resting bitch face).

Sleepy-Eyed John July 07, 2024

I likey!

AppleGirl July 07, 2024

Your hair is stunningly white! I love it!

Just Annie July 08, 2024

I think you look lovely!

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