Saturday, the sixth of July in These titles mean nothing.

  • July 6, 2024, 11:01 a.m.
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I’m in a bit of a writing mood, but I’m not sure what or where - or maybe eve n how or when.
Oh well here I am. A fresh PB window. I’m on the deck. Warm, sunny, bird-noisy. I have to squint to see the screen. And I know the mosquitoes are figuring out that I’m out here. I might retreat from them soon. Along with the birds, there is a ripply roar from the creek that runs through the pasture south of the house. We have had rain, rain, rain. Last year we had dry, dry, dry. I suggested next year might be wind, wind, wind, but no one really things that is a good idea. I used to have this weather joke in my little plastic head. It used to be said that the Russians were controlling our weather. Maybe it would be better if we gave them back that particular control. It’s a joke. The Russians have been replaced by global warming. We do not know what is coming next.

I’m thinking of making chili. I have the ingredients. I think I made chilli the last time I wrote here, or maybe the time before. What are the connections?

I’m using my new computer. It has the letteres e and r on the keyboard in a different color than the rest of the keys. They are yellow. Anyone have any idea what’s up with that? If I could see better I’d Google and see if they have an answer. Later when the mosquitoes come by.

The sun is pleasantly wwwwwarm on my hands and wrists. My Amish coleus is looking good. A paid of orioles has just come by - out to breakfast at the grape jelly bar. I put out my finch seed but I think that might be a better winter food than a summer food.

I hear a recreational side by side-ish vehicle roaring by on the road. My road is fairy popular with them. And it is in deed the holiday weekend. Summer’s pivot.

I feel good in a modest way. My hair is getting longer and I like it this way. Damn is that all I’ve got to be satisfied with? Maybe. I just noticed the new computer has a little embossed emblem saying ‘post comsumoer recycled’. Too little too late. Better late than never. A step in the right direction? I don’t suppose it matters much. Yellow e r and a recycled emplem. The keys are also back lit = all the time. That’s an energy waste I suppose, unless they used a back lit keyboard from a dead computer. I really doubt that.

I think I just noticed that if I walk away from the computer the keyboard back lights go off, but when I come back and hit a key they come back on. OMG. This computer does not have a touch screen - the old one does. It took me a while to get onto the touch screen but after I figured it out I really liked it. It made changing the size of the image so easy. Also moving from one area to another. I did not have much choice when I bought the new one but I think in the best of all possible worlds I would hold out for a touch screen.

I really need to see if I can recharge the old one with the new charger again. And I really need to try to change my passwords in X and FB so I can access them on this computer. Also Imjur. I was able to make new accounts in X and Imjur but I’d rather get my old accounts back before I added too much content. FB is just a rock on this computer. I am not a huge fan of Facebook but I use to to communicate with certain people that I don’t communicate with any other way. Oh well, I am accepting of the fact that life is about loss and gain and we do not get through life without change. I could mourn my abity to hang onto things of value, but instead I’ll just keep plodding ahead. Yup, that’s what I’ll do.

I changed my mind about chili. I got a flat frying pan sized clump of frozen pork sausage instead. It’s thawing/cooking in the frying pan right now. Jim can have a sandwich and I’ll either put my share in a romaine/tomato/onion/Italian dressed salad or I’ll put half a package of frozen veggies in the pan with the sausage. I’m looking forward to that.

I have a nice bunch of frozen meal sized portions of ground beef and pork hop-ish stuff in the freezer. I’ve been doing pretty good with my romaine lettuce. I think I”ve eated maybe half a dozen packages without having to throw any of it away. I want an award. The prize for efficient lettuce usage. I guess I’ll look forward to that too.

Have a good day everyone. It’s the weekend.

Neogy Titwhistle July 06, 2024

Sometimes it's nice to write, to scratch the itch.

NorthernSeeker July 06, 2024

You are making creative (in a good way) food options for dinner. I hate being outside when the mosquitos are chomping away on me. We don't have many mosquitos outside here and that is a life style improvement. Thank goodness for the birds, especially the ones that eat mosquitos.

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