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First time this year I brought the computer - the new one - the old one suddenly said it was out of battery like it did the first time - meaning with no warning and while it was plugged into the wall. That sentence got away from me. Computer and I are on the deck. It’s a perfectly exquisite day except for the gnats and mosquitoes. Birds are singing… there is a little smoke coming from the trash pile… my plants are doing as well as can be expected. My at least twenty year old geranium - I bought it with my husband from a country greenhouse I never went back to. It’s kind of a viny plant with delicate orange flowers that the humming birds like. I have several pots of it buried in a very leaky blue enamel dishpan. There are also the purple leaved oxalis in the dishpan blooming little lavender blooms. The oxalis is younger than the geranium but it’s got to be ten years old. My other plants are just ok - well some are ok +.

As the news has been saying we had a good bit of rain in the last week or so. It washed fields but we had no flooding - not even from the big creek that comes from the town that seems to have more runoff every year due to house and business construction. They are trying to put in holding ponds but they are only partly effective. Though maybe they are effective because the water stayed in the creek and didn’t flood the fields. Either way it’s good to have rain - last year was so dry. I was not prepared to listen to how dry it is again this year.

I took some pictures at sunrise today. The sun comes up almost at its northern most place in the eastern sky. I love watching it move back and forth as the seasons push it along. Back when Joana and I were taking early morning walks there were times when I would be a mile and a half away from home when the sun came up. Jim and I and the dog have been doing some walking - we do it after we feed the calves - but nowhere near as far as Joana and I and yellow dog Gracie went. Time goes by. We live. We die.

I bought two more jars of grape jelly for the orioles. I have red headed woodpeckers scouting the yard. I should find out what they’d like to eat.

The mosquitoes are making my hands itchy. Guess I’ll go inside.

It’s a lovely perfect day here. I wish you all well - good weather and happiness and luck in all endeavors.

gattaca June 26, 2024 (edited June 26, 2024)


When I moved to the desert southwest in 2005, there were no mosquitoes.
Now the air is thick with them. There are also more than 6000 people living all around me, so I guess the mosquitoes should be no surprise.

NorthernSeeker June 26, 2024

Mosquitos and gnats are a big bother. Do the gnats bite? Black flies are savage.

woman in the moon NorthernSeeker ⋅ June 26, 2024

I need to use repellant. I think I have some but I never use it. I guess I'd rather just complain.

Purple Dawn June 27, 2024

I'm glad you got moisture without flooding.
Did you have to reseed anything?
Your plants sound nice, I bet that enamel dishpan has some stories to tell :)

woman in the moon Purple Dawn ⋅ June 27, 2024

We didn't have to replant. I don't know if we have ever done that. If you have much surviving crop the loss of time plus the cost of new seed and planting make replanting rarely worthwhile. We do live in a fairly good area and we have a bit of luck on our side too I guess. We get a fair amount of deer and turkey depredation. It's always something - like Roseannadanna used to say on SNL.

Purple Dawn woman in the moon ⋅ June 27, 2024

I see, makes sense especially this late in the year :) I hope the crop comes well.

Just Annie June 27, 2024

We got about 3 inches over the last two days, but it's been so dry the fields just soaked it up. And I think the corn will make it knee high by the 4th of July. (It's already blocked the view at a few intersections. I usually take another route.)

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