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Housing One and Housing Two
That is where you’re put into after you’re booked. One is for males, two is for females.
There are dorms A - E.
I was first housed in B for three weeks. Old COVID policy. You go into one of said dorms till it’s full then they close it for a quarantine and fill up one of the other four.
Eventually I was moved into A dorm as it was overflow for L Floor aka Honor Dorm. I was there for five days (everyone in there was super bitchy) before getting moved to L Floor.

The Tower holds floors L, M, N and P. Wait, where’s O? I’m still wondering. Even on the elevator display it has O and on the button panel someone pulled a Trump and marked a P with a Sharpie over the O. 🤷‍♂️

P Floor, general housing for those out of Intake/Housing. There are eight dorms, six being the biggest. Every floor is like this.

N Floor, murderers, rapist, drug traffickers.

M Floor, violent offenders.

L Floor, honor dorm.
MCJ Industries finest workers!
L Six was kitchen workers, green and whites and the purple man.
L Seven was under 18 youths who committed adult crimes.
L Eight was the tan men.
The rest were regular inmates.

Every one of the floors had at least one dorm (or two) used for lock down. That’s where you’re confined to your cell and the door is locked. They feed you your trays through a slot in the door. When not locked down, there is a common area outside the cells with metal tables and stools bolted to the ground.

L floor had the toilets and showers confined to one room. All the others had the same plus an inside cell toilet in case of lockdown. (I forgot to say L 6 and L 8 didn’t have doors on the cells so w were able to get up and use the restroom all we wanted hence no toilets in those cells.) One toilet for an eight man cell. Four bunks. Cramped.

L - P Sixes were nightmares. About eighty people and too loud. When I was moved to L Eight we all had bottom bunks and the top was our closets. That was so much better and I could get some sleep at night.

Not jumpsuits, pants and shirt
Orange - Inmate
Green - Kitchen Worker
Green and White - Food Server
Red and White - Juvenile
Black and White - Janitorial
Pink - Female
Red - Violent Person
Black - Work Release
Purple - Go-for Person for that floor
Tan - Laundry
Blue - L Six waiting on work

The jail is designed for 900 people.
Current population 1100-ish.
Max pop is 1264

When I was brought to the honor dorm that was day one automatically. For every week on L Floor you get a day off your sentence.

In laundry I did repairs.
Do not laugh!
I learned how to rock an industrial sewing machine. 🤓

Anytime when we did the floors with clean laundry, all the Six dorms had cut up blankets, sheets or towels they’d use to make curtains to go over their bunk to block out light.
I learned quick to hate folks there ha.l!
In one shift I threw away 18 sheets and 8 pairs of pants they turned into shorts.
Oh, you only got one laundry call a week meaning you’d be stewing in a short and pants that didn’t breathe. No how many times you showered a funk followed you around. Green and whites plus greens got new everyday. Us Tan Men got two outfits and did our laundry daily except in our Sat and Sun off days.

The lady who guarded sewing brought me in a Two Liter Mt Dew after I was 60 something days in. The only caffeine I had in there. I don’t drink coffee so I never ordered anything off the commissary (more on that later.). Even if I was to purchase coffee it was $13 for a 4oz bag. Murder on prices…and you’d have to drink it black. No cream no sugar.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things.

Any questions?

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RueMorgen June 23, 2024

sewing is punk as fuck. valuable skill to have. sounds similar to my experience though i wasn't there long enough for a job.

J.E. RueMorgen ⋅ June 23, 2024 (edited June 24, 2024)


I enjoyed it. I got pretty good at sewing pockets and fixing guard's stuff.

Rivercity June 23, 2024

Thank you for writing this!

J.E. Rivercity ⋅ June 23, 2024 (edited June 23, 2024)


You're welcome I guess?

Ferret Mom June 28, 2024

See, if it was me. I'd have to spring for the commissary coffee.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ June 28, 2024

Black coffee 🤮

Ferret Mom J.E. ⋅ June 29, 2024

I've been drinking straight black coffee every day since I was 15.

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