Readjustment Is Harsh in Tales From Inmate #00JI61500

  • June 23, 2024, 10:27 a.m.
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When I got locked up the highs were in the low 70’s. They’re now nearing 100. The dorm I was housed in was freezing cold. It didn’t help that I pulled some muscles moving mat material (more on that later) with my celly to the sewing room on Thursday. Roughly 300lbs and us in our 40’s trying to do a young man’s work. My back and hips were already killing me because of leaning over to work and the crappy comfort of my bed/mat.

I got maybe an hour of sleep this morning. Getting out in the heat this afternoon magnified how bad my body still hurts, the fried feeling from lack of sleep and general lethargy all around. It’s 4:18 AM and I’m still wide awake, though on the verge of exhaustion. It’s going to take a bit longer to readjust to being on the outside. I got used to getting up around 4:30 AM, breakfast, guard came and got us at 5:20 AM for work, sit around repairing torn linens and outfits (inmates can be fucking savages) then return to the dorm at 3 PM. Make a phone call then immediately go to my cell, strip my shirt off and lay down in my bunk. Working 9.5 hour days with no pay. MCJ (Madison County Jail) Industries loves sweatshop labor.

I’ll feel nice and cooled off one moment then overheated and clammy the next. My body feels like an exposed petri dish currently.

Just bitching here, I’ll get into the specifics in a later entry. Mostly booking, the difference floors and my job. Right now I need someone to come plug me with a high level tranq dart.

Last updated June 23, 2024

fjäril June 23, 2024

welcome back to life on the outside, I've missed you!

J.E. fjäril ⋅ June 23, 2024

Likewise luv!

RueMorgen June 23, 2024

tranq dart doesn't sound half bad.

Ferret Mom June 28, 2024

Freezing cells, and I'm sure they probably only gave you a blanket that was about an eighth of an inch thick.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ June 28, 2024

Ya. I ended up swiping a bunch of extra things from laundry. Even made myself a pillow. No, you do not get pillows there, have to improvise.

Ferret Mom J.E. ⋅ June 29, 2024

Oh, very handy that you were able to sneak and snatch some extra stuff.

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