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  • June 20, 2024, 12:34 p.m.
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Details - The book is a sequal to the mega hit circa 1990 - Silence of the Lambs. Everybody remembers the movie with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins - Hannibal Lector was the super killer and cannibal - trust me, we all remember that movie. Foster plays Clarice Starling, the FBI special agent assigned to deal with the monster in the leather mask.

I came across this book, the sequel - there is aso prequel to the ‘Lambs” called Red Dragon, which I probably read too. These are not my favorite kinds of books = but they have this bright bitter seduction to which I and many others are susceptible.

Cover - of the dark jacketed hard cover that recently came home with me from the library’s most recent sale has a neatly stylized dragon coiled between the author’s name and the book’s title. It wasn’t a library book, it must have been a donation for the sale. It’s big and clean and new looking = 484 pages of big easy to read print on cream paper. Copyright 1999. According to the sticker on the back someone paid $19.56 for it. I got it as part of a sack of books for $5.

Do I like it? - It has the masculine hyper fantasy realism that when it’s well done draws you right in. It’s exciting. My heart is still beating a little fast from its first chapter. Yeah. that’s a confession.

Is is readable? - It’s super readable.

What am I wearing? - My light blue summer sweatpants and a well worn navy blue t-shirt from someone’s old job that I found at a garage sale when I was working at my old old job - Circa 2010, I’d estimate.

What am I eating? Bowls of my home made chili - a lb. of ground beef, one can of mexican seasoned chopped tomatoes, one can of dark red kidney beans and three peeled and sliced up potatoes. I like my chili. Which is good because if I don’t, who will?

Do I plan on finished the book? Yeah, I think I will. It’s easy and entertaining and it’s here. All things I like.

Do I expect the book will make me a better person? No.

Do I plan on finishing the chili? Eventually. I”m hoping I can make it last till tomorrow. Jim might eat some of it - the meat if he is willing to fish it out - I raised a picky eater.

Jinn June 20, 2024

I read ; Silence of the Lambs then decided it was not for me :-) I am lightweight and crime- murder etc… disturbs me . Depresses me. I guess I read to escape , I do like some mysteries and historical fiction can be violent . We are a carelessly cruel species in my opinion.
Chili sounds good !

Neogy Titwhistle June 20, 2024

Did you know that Jody Foster didn't meet Anthony Hopkins until after the movie was finished? I heard her say that during an interview.

NorthernSeeker June 20, 2024

I read Hannibal quite awhile ago. What I remember is Lector taking off his mask to scare little children with his face.

Davidwise21 June 25, 2024

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