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  • June 13, 2024, 2:23 p.m.
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This entry has two sections -

  1. My computer -
    As you no doubt remember as I’m sure you follow my life closely - my old computer died a week or so ago and I replaced it with a new one. Well, guess what? I tried my new charger on my old computer - they were both Acer Chrome books - and it charged the old computer right up and it’s working as good as ever. Thus - I now have two functioning Chrome books and one functioning charger.

Maybe my son can buy a replacement charger? What do you think? Then we would have a spare computer when next one of ours goes kaput. I had enough time to return the new computer and get my money back but I would have had to return it with the charger and then I would have been in the same situation as I was in before - though I suppose now we know that a new charger would fix the old computer.

Any advice or comments?

  1. My phone. The Iphone8 that my other son gave me a little more than a year ago seems still to be working but I almost never use it. I used to say I was the last person in the world to have a cell phone but in the last year even though I had a cell phone I didn’t use it. So there.
    Part of the problem is that we live in a valley and we do not have good cell reception. Right now the phone is 81% charged and has no service. I have not really learned to use it. The only time I really can remember it being of use to me was when Jim and I were in LaCrosse the time the WWII troop carrier boat was there - I was talking to people and he left and then when I was through talking to the people he called me and told me where he had gone. That doesn’t seem like a lot of use for a cell phone. I do use it as a camera and I am relatively happy with its performance. I have not gotten comfortable emailing or texting photos though, partly/mainly because I do not have cell service here at home because the towers aren’t in line of sight - or however they work.

So that’s my phone itself. The service that semi-exists is on JIm’s phone contract - it costs about $50 each to have two phones on his account. For a while we paid the whole bill every other month and that is ok with me. Of course we are paying that fifty bucks for pretty much nothing. Jim uses his own phone carefully, finding places where it works, and it’s important to him.

Bonus topic - landline and internet.

We still have a landline that I pay about $90 a month for that mainly provides access to incoming calls from telemarketers - though since we do not have dependable outgoing cell service we pretty much have to maintain the landline. Though since Jim orders pizza on line we no longer have to call Caseys as often ---- and Casey’s doesn’t take pizza orders anymore so even that is a thing of the past.

As to the landline, we are supposed to be getting fiber optic through on the gravel road one of these years and then we can get a phone line through the internet.

I forgot to tell you our internet is satellite service through our electric co-op and that adds $50 to the light bill. Download is limited, that’s why I stay up all night watching Youtubes from midnight to 6 am when it’s supposed to be free. I really should call them up to see if that’s true.


God almighty - I just got an offer from Google to help me artificially intellence write this entry. OMG.

There. I’ve just done more praying in that last paragraph than I have in the last twenty years.

Bye for now.

See you later.

A spray of bullets -

  • The calves are doing well. Pink and Floyd have been joined by Nancy. I should photo them.

  • My doctors appointment went ok. She told me to keep doing what I’m doing. She has a patient in the hospital who wants to get back to his cows and calves.

  • I wrote my thing for the writers Group that meets next Tuesday. It’s about average and it’s about cats. If anyone wants to read it, I’ll put it here.

Last updated June 13, 2024

woman in the moon June 13, 2024

Formatting is super screwy on this entry. And believe it or not, it was worse before I saved it.

I think I might be writing from Palestine.

NorthernSeeker June 13, 2024

I read everything you post on here but since I don't do other social media I can't claim to follow your life closely. I would keep the charger and both computers. Good work on getting your writers' group topic finished.

woman in the moon NorthernSeeker ⋅ June 13, 2024

This has always been my main place to write. I have that 750 words place but that is not available for people to read. I'd let you for sure, but it's not public. I do very little/almost none on FB or the former Twitter. I started a Substack but I've only written there half a dozen times. I am always aware that what I put on line is open to the world. There are various levels of (non) privacy but there are no exact guarantees. There is a billboard on the way to town that I can visualize my most embarrassing thought on. Right across from Village Farm and Home.

Neogy Titwhistle June 13, 2024

The above noter noted my note! Have you looked into a cell phone signal booster, maybe to place up on a roof somewhere?

Just Annie June 14, 2024

We are rural, but not all that rural, and cell signals travel well over the flat farmland. Robert struggled to find internet to suit his needs when we first moved here, but I don't need as much. I use T-mobile internet for $50 a month. It works quite well.

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