Things You Can't Do No Matter Now Much You Try! in BAH HUMBUG!

  • June 10, 2024, 6:52 a.m.
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1-No matter how many times I’ve tried it over the years I just can’t cut pizza!

Whether the pizza base is hard or soft I can’t cut them with a knife of any sort and I can’t use actual pizza cutters either! Burning my fingers on a bit of hot pizza crust trying to hold it while hacking away at the pizza and bits come flying off all over the place! In public eateries I have the embarrassment of getting my hubby to cut it for me! Thankfully he’s a gentleman and I never have to ask him, he just does it!

At home I use scissors! Ahhh, so much easier and quicker! Slice away! Slice away!

2-I can’t use manual tin openers! Partly as I’m left-handed and most are for ‘’righties’‘ and partly because I just … can’t… anyway so out comes my trusted electric opener! I bought it second-hand for £5.00 from a German market stall in Birmingham City Centre almost 30 years ago and while it’s now old and rusted and I can’t clean it properly, it still works like new!

3- And don’t get me started on paint rollers, the sort with one handle on one side! In my left or right hand I find them impossible!

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