Well, well, well in These titles mean nothing.

  • June 8, 2024, 8:48 a.m.
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I’m glad you remember me.


Because I can’t get into Facebook and I have no history in X.

So dear people, you are all I’ve got.

It’s kind of like coming back from the dead and finding yourself in the same body but nothing else matches.

Does anyone remember how Rip Van Winkle turned out?

I have Google, I guess I’ll ask them.




“The short story ‘Rip Van Winkle’ ends happily ever after. Rip wakes up after 20 years and finds his nagging wife has died. His children are grown and his daughter takes him to live with her and her family. He’s old enough that no one expects him to work.”

I guess I’m being punished for not remembering my passwords.

Plus I haven’t been able to get into my ‘original’ email for several computers ago.

I havene’t tried to get into 750 words - you can tell how good I’ve been there.

Let me see.

I’m still there.

Oh and Imgur has me too.

And my puzzle site though I do not belong or anything.

Ah, the benefits of irresponsibility.

Last updated June 08, 2024

NorthernSeeker June 08, 2024

Maybe you will be able to get into Facebook after a few days. Enjoy your gleaming new computer.

gattaca June 08, 2024

I dropped what social media I had in mid 2021 during the pandemic. I do not miss it one iota.
Prosebox is my only online presence. 🤓
Nice folks such as yourself are a very rare commodity in the vast social media wastelands.

WhatDreamsMayCome gattaca ⋅ June 08, 2024

I concur.

Neogy Titwhistle June 08, 2024

OD and now PB have always been my one and only. My password has remained the same ever since someone required one. When asked to make a new one I just change the ending number, like 104 to 105. It's worked for thirty years. But, I've never put much work online ever since the Shelfari and that picture place everybody used and now I can't remember the name of, debacle. Wow, that was a rough sentence?

Beret June 08, 2024

I have a password manager. It's the only way I can keep track and password requirements are so much more complex these days.

woman in the moon Beret ⋅ June 08, 2024

That makes sense.

Just Annie June 09, 2024

There are a couple of websites where I have to change passwords if I get logged out. I just don't use them enough. I hope you find a way to get into the sites you want.

woman in the moon Just Annie ⋅ June 09, 2024

Right. I don't use Facebook much. I don't like it much. BUT. And it's a big but. It's a place I stay somewhat in contact with people I don't stay in contact with any other way. They obviously aren't people I've close to but they tend to be relatives and classmates and neighbors - locals in another word. So when I don't have Facebook I have a loss. I might get it back. It matters but not a whole lot. I think I might hang around here more and here is a more satisfying place. It's not bad. It's ok.

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