Moving On Up in Heaven Help Us

  • June 3, 2024, 6:01 p.m.
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We get to move on the 12th! Or at the very least our furniture sure as fuck is going to be moving! I’m really excited to finally have everything settled and coordinated. Meggie’s dad is going to move us but it will probably be the last time that such a thing happens as he’s about to retire from the company soon. I know we need to buckle down and start packing but we have to be able to put the boxes into the new house as we pack them and only move the furniture on the 12th because our place now is literally so small if we just try to box things up right now and put them on the floor we don’t have any space to walk. The new floors will be done in the house by Friday so we’re going to have me packing while Alex moves the boxes in his car to the new house since it’s just a few minutes away. I hope we can get it done in time.

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