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  • June 2, 2024, 11:21 a.m.
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Lovely day.
I’m full of eggs and mixed veggies and coffee/cocoa.
I like to buy big bags of frozen mixed veggies. Both big stores, Walmart and Woodmans, have 3 lb. bags of either stir fry or general veggies. I cook a cup or two of them for my morning scrambled eggs and also to add into whatever meaty, stewy combination I make.
Since I gave up pop, and treated myself to a new coffee pot, I make a pot of weak coffee - I buy a restaurant blend in a foil sack that lasts for months at Woodmans. Then I put one tablespoon of non-sugar added cocoa mix in to flavor fake sweeten it. My coffee pot holds a quart of coffee or hot water so I a glass pint glass twice. I almost always run a pot of water through the pot and have weak coffee for a second round. I figure giving up soda means you need to get water from somewhere. I also have two Smart Water bottles, one bigger, one smaller, that I freeze well water in and drink through the day.

I’ve been out with Jim and Lib to feed Floyd and Pink - they are growing and have lovely personalities. Just this week they were joined in the barn by a new young red bull who I’ve named Eddie. He’s came from the farm what used to be Eddie Ryan’s. That was where my classmate Mary grew up.

My dad had several Eddie Ryan stories - Eddie was a small man. He was drafted during WWII. My dad’s youngest brother was a strapping guy with a heart. He said that if he were with Eddie, he would help him carry his pack and equipment. Eddie landed at Normandy in the early days after June 6, 1944. He came home and married a pretty girl from a family of pretty girls and had a bunch of kids including Mary. Eddie is the farmer who one spring day came into eat dinner - not lunch - declared himself retired and called the neighbor to rent the farm. He lived to be an old man. When I was going to the fitness place in town I would talk to a brother-in-law of his - who when asked about Eddie, said he walked a mile on a treadmill and did the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every day - there was a third thing that I really wish I could remember.

So Eddie the bull is in with Pink and Floyd. He would like a bottle or pail of milk replacer too, but he gets a tub of water and part of an oats bale and ground corn. He knows there are cows outside but they aren’t ready for him. He’s waiting. Bulls play a waiting game in the spring. They can’t be let out with the cows until nine months before you want next year’s calves to be born. We have three bulls, one for here, one for Joana’s and one for the rented pasture. Eddie will go to the rented pasture. I am so happy to have a Hereford bull, I love red calves - the ones with white accessories. Most of our cows are either black or black white faces so a lot of Eddie’s calves will be black too. That’s ok. I like black white faced calves as well. Pink has a white face. Floyd is all black.
Ok - that’s enough bull and calf stories.

noko June 02, 2024

May there be an abundance of red calves in your future.

NorthernSeeker June 02, 2024

So if I remember, calving usually happens around February...I remember the eagles keeping watch to get the afterbirth. If my math is correct Eddie the Bull can be let in with the cows in July? The 30 days in June will seem like a long time to him.

Just Annie June 03, 2024

Aww, poor Eddie. Ella wanted a Hereford calf, but her grandfather prefers the black and white Holsteins. Since he's buying it, he gets to decide.

I'm always thrilled to read your entries. They're well written and thoughtful. They paint some vivid pictures.

woman in the moon Just Annie ⋅ June 07, 2024 (edited June 07, 2024)


I don't remember seeing a photo of Ella's calf. Usually club calves are beef breeds. It wasn't an Angus cross was it? A black baldie, black with a Hereford white face? They are sweet animals - most of our calves usually have enough Hereford in them to have white faces.
I remember someone from the Kennedy administration - secret service maybe - who said Caroline who was pretty small at the time would identify cattle when driving by as Hereford - promouncing all three syllables. Only time I ever heard that the word had three syllables. I say it that way in my head sometimes - kind of in memory of the Kennedys.

Just Annie woman in the moon ⋅ June 07, 2024

I will have to get a photo of Ella's cafe. It is a beef breed, I know nothing about cows, I'm afraid. Perhaps when I post a photo you can help me identify it. All I know is that it's shorter, yet beefier, and also more inclined to cooperate than her first calf, Buckeye.

A Pedestrian Wandering June 04, 2024

Who gave Pink and Floyd their names?

woman in the moon A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ June 04, 2024

Jim. We had Floyd first - so not sure how he got his name. Pink has a white face and a pink nose....with little black spots.

Purple Dawn June 05, 2024

My brother's bulls got out... so we will have an early calving season next year :(

woman in the moon Purple Dawn ⋅ June 07, 2024

I was thinkiing of the Westerns - no cattle sex at all. Only time I ever remember at all was on Rawhide when an unexpected calf was born and the trail drivers would give it to a farmer/sodbuster, usually Eastwood/Rowdy Yates would drape it across the saddle and deliver it and there was a pretty farmer's daughter there to receive it.

Beret June 05, 2024

Good for you giving up pop! Nothing but a bottle of water with chemicals in it.

woman in the moon Beret ⋅ June 07, 2024

I quit because it is so damn expensive. And of course it's nothing for the money. I've quit several times in the past - for over a year - but I've always gone back. I wonder if AA would let me in? I like the cold crisp bubbliness of Diet Pepsi. I can hear the can opening.

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