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  • June 1, 2024, 5:59 p.m.
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6 pm.

I’ve said before that the month is my favorite unit of time. Trust me to have a favorite unit of time. What I mean is that it’s long enough but not too long. It offers a new beginning with a promise and approximately 30 days later, it ends with forgiveness.

So today June started. I had plans for the new month. Things I wanted to do and not do. I could make a list, but I won’t. Trust that the games I play with my head and will are minor enough to be satisfying and I do them because I want to do them.

Last few months, I’ve been playing budget. I figure I have $1500 a month to spend. $600 on food, $400 on utilities (I include the daily newspaper and my public radio contribution with my lights and internet and the cursed landline - they all come out of my checking account automatically, thus saving me stamps and memory. That leaves everything else - everything else I decided to separated into two categores - necessary miscellaneous and frivolous miscelaneous. That would leave $250 for each category with flexibility. So there.

I have a photo. Nothing special. Something blooming by the driveway.

I wonder what kind of discipline I can display and indulge in whatever this unidentified endeavor is. Gimme a chance. Don’t expect too much. In fact it might be wise not to expect anything at all.

Neogy Titwhistle June 01, 2024

$600 a month for food? I'm kicking myself for having to spend $150 last month! And that's after 30+ years of a grocery budget of $25 per week! I remember applying for EBT at your suggestion and receiving the max of $197 a month. And then sending groceries off to college with Daughter and buying Francilynn and the kids groceries. But I guess you buy more healthy expensive items? Be well. my friend!

woman in the moon Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ June 01, 2024 (edited June 02, 2024)


Let me think about it.
Sometimes it includes cat and dog food - not always though. It includes my son of course. We were both drinking what seems like vast amounts of soda and boy has that gotten expensive. I quit soon after the first of the year - so there's that. No alcohol is in the $600. I buy what I want of course. What do you eat? I like fruit and cheese. I buy meat as a basis for meals but I don't buy expensive meat. I shopped with my granddaughter last week and told her to buy some ice cream/frozen treats and she got a box of drumsticks. She said she was going to get a box of four but she got a box of eight so there would be enough. I ended up eating all of them - one a day. I'm diabetic so I try to stay away from sugar and try (hahahah) to limit carbs in general.
Sometimes it includes $20 in cash walking around money.
And sometimes I could a trip to Walmart that adds Walmart junk to food.
So the $600 is not exactly food, but it's mostly food.

gattaca June 01, 2024

I do not even want to think about my grocery bill. It's nightmarish.
Tucson seems to have not gotten over its inflation.
Like you, I keep a budget. I probably spend too much on the dog. 🐶

That's a very nicely composed photo!

Just Annie June 02, 2024

I need to work on my grocery budget. I buy too many convenience items, especially little packs of cheese, meat, and nuts for low carb grab snacks. Charlotte's 4-H project is adding up, especially her trail mix recipe. It calls for a cup of this, two cups of that and unfortunately, I can't buy cereal or pretzels that way. Or M&Ms, which replaced the raisins.

I like June, too, it's my birthday month, but October has always been my favorite. I like the colors.

noko June 02, 2024

In your photo the flowers look like an umbel. I have been learning a bit about umbels lately. I just like the word from the family umbellifers. Happy June. It is my favorite month.

NorthernSeeker June 02, 2024

I had the same thoughts about June, imagining one less day in the financial month and wondering why that seemed like such a motivator to stick to good habits. Such a difference between 30 and 31 days.

A Pedestrian Wandering June 04, 2024

I hate to think of what we spend on groceries. I don't believe I am as thrifty as you, but then eating really falls into a hobby category for me! Eating, that is, not cooking!

woman in the moon A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ June 04, 2024

I get that. I've never been 'stingy' about food. I don't get really expensive stuff but I buy what I want. And whatever whoever I'm trying to feed seems to want.

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