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  • May 18, 2024, 1:25 p.m.
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Yesterday was my mother’s 111th birthday. I always remember her birthday. It’s the Norwegian Fourth of July - meaning the anniversary of Norway’s independence from Sweden. I always remember that too. I live in an area with a lot of Norwegian descendants - my own last name is Norwegian so I’m Norwegian by marriage and my kids were a quarter Norwegian. Anyway my point is there are two fairly big Seventeenth of May celebrations in my area - Syttende Mai in Decorah IA and Spring Grove MN.

So anyway this year for the first time I found myself wondering if I was the only person remembering that it was my mother’s birthday. I have cousins who might remember - especially if I reminded them - but I might just be the only person who remembers May 17 as Violetta’s birthday. There are still people who do remember her - she was a high profile woman. I recall walking on the town streets on Satuday afternoon when it took forever to get from the S and D to the Equity because so many people wanted to talk to her. She was well known and well liked. That is what I remember about her. She had been a country school teacher and a cashier at the first selt service grocery store in town. She had many friends and people liked to talk to her.

And am I all that’s left?

I’ve never posted a photo of her here. I have some of course, but I just never do it. I believe I disappointed her. I never see any real happiness in our relationship with one another. The closest I can come to regret is wishing she had gotten to know my children and my grandchildren.....wishing they had gotten to know her.

This is such a concentrated time of year - the beauty of spring - the collections of events and hollidays and anniversaries. Almost every day has something to remember. I can’t always remember the exact dates things happen -
ones I know:
- May 17 my mother’s birthday
- May 22 my mother’s wedding anniversary and my own anniversary
- June 1 my father’s birthday
- June 12 my own birthday
and of course:
- Mother’s Day
- Memorial Day
- all the last days of school
- all the graduation days - but still probably not enough
- all the other weddings
- all the corn’s planted celebrations

And probably another million things to remember and celebrate and forget more gradually every year.

Blessing to you all.

It’s a pretty day here.

I’m cooking pork chops.
Lib the husky is sleeping noisily.
Larre is coming to pick up Joana’s pickup - Jim’s decided he doesn’t’ need two trucks.
John is down from the city to help put in the crops.
The orioles are still coming for the grape jelly.
Pink and Floyd are doing well.

Writers group meets Tuesday. I made reminder phone calls yesterday, talking to mainly answering/voice mail. Topic is ‘favorite old radio program. I haven’t written anything yet but I’ve decided to write about Phone Forum - WHO radio’s call in show from the 1960s into the ’70s. Duane Ellit and Lee Cline were hosts. Yeah, I gotta get going.

Have a lovely what’s left of the weekend.

noko May 18, 2024 (edited May 18, 2024)


I have been thinking somewhat along the same lines. My one living sister is getting ready to sell her house and move into an apartment in a retirement village and is getting rid of a lot of stuff. Your mom was 11 months older than mine. We don't have children to pass memories to and so my mother gets further and further away. I would have liked her at my age, I do think that. She would have been happier had she had the opportunity to hang around. That is a lot of dates to keep in mind.

Just Annie May 19, 2024

Ella remembers my mother vaguely. Or what we've told her about my mother. She was just over a year when she died. Charlotte wasn't born at all. My daughters remember her has a grandmother, as do their cousins. I guess it's just my sister and I who remember her as Mom and we had such different experiences with her, I don't think strangers would know we were talking about the same person.

Purple Dawn May 19, 2024

Do you cook any Norwegian dishes? I used to when Dad was alive, Lefse and Klub but that's about it.
I was thinking about how old my Grandparents would have been the other day, I just succeeded in making myself feel very old.
Take care,

oOgalaboogala! May 20, 2024

May 22 is my birthday. I have always felt so lucky to have a Spring birthday. In Montana where I grew up, the crabapple was almost always blooming, one of my favorite birthday gifts.

NorthernSeeker May 21, 2024 (edited May 21, 2024)


Your entries are always so interesting. You think your mother was disappointed in you...what if she was envious of your independence and spirit? The way you didn't conform despite her efforts. I do have those feelings about my own daughter, a mixture of horrified at times but also proud about her determination.

woman in the moon NorthernSeeker ⋅ May 22, 2024

I'm not sure what I think. I know I say the same things over and over again but what do I really think? I don't know.

NorthernSeeker May 22, 2024

Sending good juju and hopes that your area was not hit by yesterday's tornadoes.

woman in the moon NorthernSeeker ⋅ May 22, 2024

We're fine. Lots of rain which is generally good especially considering how dry last year was. We didn't really have much wind and certainly no tornadoes.

NorthernSeeker woman in the moon ⋅ May 22, 2024

Whew...I'm glad you are safe and that you got rain.

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