Big storm coming in The 2020s

  • May 14, 2024, 10 p.m.
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Just a quick entry as another annoying helicopter passes overhead. It’s just after 10:30 so hopefully all flying objects will settle down for the night. Hasn’t been too bad but still. Enough is enough.

Thunder woke me up when we had an unexpected storm late in the morning but I was able to nap later on. I dreamed we had a cat and lived in a two-story house. Andy was in a dream as well but I don’t remember the details. Something about him replying to a video Tom posted online.

Tomorrow I’m going to be absolutely miserable because it’s going to be storming all day. Why the fuck do these things have to happen when I’m sleeping?! And why oh why can’t I sleep at night every night?! Why did I have to be cursed with this particular sleep disorder?! It makes life so hard in so many ways. Funny too because so many people swear there’s a God and it’s given us free will. Oh, really? And where and when did I supposedly willingly agree to this shit? Believe me, it isn’t of my will at all that I have this!

I wish I could sleep at night every night because 90% of the time these storms are in the morning or afternoon. It’s going to start a few hours after I crash and carry on throughout the day and into the late afternoon. It’s going to be like trying to sleep with someone standing by your bed beating on a drum on and off hour after hour.

I got bored with Evil, especially when Tom told me season 2 was race, race, race, which he knows I’m sick to death of hearing about. America’s favorite little obsession. I’m giving The Haunting of Hill House a try.

I guess I’ll hit the road soon because I’ll probably be too tired to do that for a while. I got through Ripley and now I’m in Westfield, NY.
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